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I would love to see posts about child lead learning. It has been the best thing for our Homeschool family :)
I like mothering and strider bikes! I provide in home childcare and the kids are constantly fighting over riding toys.
I am glad to be reading this. My children are 5, 7, and almost 3 months. The older 2 went to public school this year and it was not a good expeirience for anyone. Our original plan was to homeschool, so we are giving it a go in the fall. in order for this to work, I am also doing in home childcare. So far I am only watching one other child, an 18 month old, but am hoping for 1-2 more for financial freedom. (we have also paid our 2 biggest bills ahead for the year) In my...
Got a van, that is one more step done :) also may be getting more kids for in home care soon.
Thanks for all the replies. I have been doing alit of reading and feel very confident. I can not get reliable internet at my house, so I am waiting now to get my van and get my laptop screen fixed. I have started providing in home childcare which is taking alot of stress off financially. Younger Ds is getting more adjusted to school, so now we may wait until next school year.
I am desperately trying to find a way to get my kids out of public school. Trying to get a plan in place. The main hurdle for us is money. I am job hunting, and also planning on going back to school next semester. We were hoping that the girls would do ok in public school long enough for me to get my degree, but that doesn't seem to be happening. My oldest has already been skipped up a grade and is still way above grade level and bored most of the time. I am doing as...
I dont know if I have the energy to make that, I think the plain black shirt would cost about the same as the one with the baby on it already, I might buy one though. I have to make 2 costumes already for the girls
I have held steady so far. I am overweight, so I wish I could have started out loosing ike I did with my last. I can hardly eat (had no morning sickness first trimester and then the second I entered second trimester it hit me) But I pack on weight when breastfeeding anyways. With my last I lost 20, gained 30, then gained the entire time I was nursing. 
She doesn't have a pediatrician right now, as our old pediatrician wont take the girls back and the medical card system here is changing and I dont know what drs are even available here. Trying to get all that worked out ASAP.    She had accidents frequently up until maybe October of last year. Then she had none for 10 months and now it is a daily thing this past week. She has always been pretty aggressive toward her sister, and tends to prefer playing alone. When in...
I would try RF keyfit/FF radian/RF Complete Air. The FF child could climb in before you snap the keyfit onto the base. Not sure if it would work, but those seem to be the 3 narrowest seats you have, fo would be worth a shot. My grandma has an 04 Matrix, but as I only have 2 children right now, I havent messed too much with getting a 3 across yet.
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