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I've been induced with Pitocin before and have had it not really work. I would have contractions but they were not painful, more like BH. They really didn't do anything either as far as dilation. My nurse told me that she had never had to turn the pit up that high before. What ended up putting me into labor was breaking my water. It went VERY fast from that point. Did you dilate and efface from the painless contractions? If not how did you get into active labor?
DD wouldn't take the Avent bottle but did great with the Breastflow!
Well, I'm back. Baby looks like she may just be small. She is measuring 35w2days and her weight estimate is 5lbs 8ozs. Her fluid levels was at 7.7 cms. So I guess it looks like she just may be smaller. They also did a NST and she did great. My midwife told me to go home and EAT! So I guess I'll work on fattening her up a little. Thanks for your help and comments.
My dh called the midwives office and got my u/s pushed up to this afternoon so I should know in a few hours. Thanks for your help.
I have had pretty much a different midwife for each visit since I switched at 33 weeks. So I guess it could be a difference in measuring technique. I also do feel this baby is smaller than my others. I'm much smaller than all of my other pregnancys. Everyone I meet comments on how "little" my tummy is but I really didn't think too much of it. Baby is a little quieter than my others but she does move around. No huge rolling or kicks but their are movements. I haven't...
I've measured 2-3 weeks behind for the past few visits. But they didn't seem concerned until today. All along they have said that the baby "feels" small but measured within a few days of my LMP at my 20 week scan. Thanks
I'm 38 weeks and had an appointment with my midwife today and I'm only measuring 33 weeks. She thought that baby was maybe deep in my pelvis and that was why but she checked and baby didn't seem that low. She scheduled me for an u/s in 2 days to see whats going on. After doing an internal she wanted to measure me again and still got the 33 week measurment. I'm a little worried since I've never measured behind in any of my other pregnancys. How often are fundal height...
I'm ordering a fleece pouch this week and I'm having the hardest time deciding on a size. I'm 36 weeks pregnant now but usually lose the weight pretty quickly. I'm 5'9 and 135-140 pre pregnancy. Right now though I'm 180. I think my shoulder to hip measurment is about 24-25 inches. Would I be a Medium? Thanks so much! Who knew this would be so hard!
Congratulations! Thats awesome news! I had the same situation before. Baby A was breech and Baby B was transverse. At 36 weeks my water broke and I went to the hospital and both were Vertex. Shocked all of the docs!
I just wanted to add my twin experience. Baby A was breech abd Baby B was transverse at an u/s at 35w4days. At 36 weeks my water broke and we headed to the hospital fully expecting a c-section. Got situated and they wanted to do a quick u/s to confirm presentation and both babies were vertex! Everyone was shocked. I have no idea when they turned but I got my vaginal birth. It's good to know that even twins can turn as late as 36 weeks. Goodluck!
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