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I got mine today from the LLL link. I LOVE it! It's so pretty and fits great!
Just a little background: I am now nursing my 6 month old dd but did not nurse my older boys(9,8,6,and 2) for any longer than 3 months. DH isn't very comfortable with breastfeeding in general but thats a whole other story! Anyway I'm very comfortable nursing in front of my sons and dh is NOT! I don't show any boob really and I don't think they even pay too much attention but, dh says it is innapropriate to do it in front of the boys(especially my 9 year old)They...
Well, nothing fits Sophie is 5 days old and everything is too big. She was 7lbs 8ozs at birth and was 7lbs even at 2 days old. Everything should fit. I have newborn proraps with preemie prefolds and the proraps go over her umbilical cord stump. I also have some x-small fuzzi bunz and those are huge on her. I also have some nanipoos newborn diapers that actually fit but they are so bulky on her back and since the proraps are too big i'd have to use them coverless. Anyone...
Quote: How did CPS handle the situation? Did they just talk to you at the hospital, or did they come to your house? Or did they not contact you at all? They came to the house and talked to us and contacted family members to ask about us. The case was closed and the concern was unfounded. So that was the end of that but still, it was scary I'm glad your little one is doing better
I'm due in 2 weeks and I'm still picking a few odds and ends up. Any suggestions for a trim fleece cover? I was thinking a Sugarpeas would be good but I'm open to other options. Thanks
I was eyeing the cheap fitteds at baby market placeTiny Tots For how often you change a newborn absorbancy probably isn't a huge issue and for $3.95 each it seems like a great deal! Personally though, I'm using prefolds until she can fit into mediums and then I will get half fitteds and half fuzzibunz.
I plan on just using prefolds until she can fit into medium fitteds. I just got 1 dozen preemie prefolds yesterday(so tiny!) and last night I just ordered a dozen infant size and 4 prorap newborn covers. I know i'm going to need some more but I'm broke this week so I'll have to get some more next week So thats my plan! I would prefer to just trifold and lay it in the cover but I did order a couple of snappis just in case I need them! They grow out of newborn and small...
WOW! I can't believe how long the list has gotten! I stopped cding my son after I was put on bedrest for my pregnancy and now I'm going to start again. I had sold off all of my "stuff" and now I'm going to be starting fresh. I remember when Laura first started doing the numbers and it seemed like forever for my # to come up(I was #7) Now she's in the 300's. It's amazing! I think I will do without the El Bees this time
Thanks I think I will get the proraps for the newborn stage and then try out a few different kinds when she grows out of them. Oh and I will pick up some snappis too
Well I did the hyena thing last time and I am determined not to do it again I have decided it will be mostly prefolds for this new little babe who should be here next month. I'm a little late at getting my diapers ordered but I wasn't totally decided if I was gonna do cloth diapers again So, What is the best cover for prefolds? I can snappi but I would prefer to just trifold or angel fold and use a wrap. I want something comfortable but reliable. I love the look...
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