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My son had one of these fluid filled eggs on his head at 10 months. I don't want to scare you but it ended up being a skull fracture. We had hardwood floors at our apartment at the time and my son was just learning to walk at 10 months but he had a huge head! I mean off the charts huge, so he was very top heavy. He would walk and then sometime fall and land on his bum but then drop immediately back or on the side of his head. This happened a lot and I was going to...
Hi. I've been a surrogate. I was a gestational surrogate so the baby did not biologically belong to me. I carried twins boys who just happened to turn 3 a couple weeks ago. If you need someone to talk to you can pm me. I know that it can be very difficult. The surromomsonline website is very good too. I belonged to it when I was going through our journey. Take Care
Quote: I cant imagine being in a marriage in which a child that happened on accident would be such a horrid occurance.........I just dont get it. This is my feeling too! If I am married and having sex with my husband than a baby that results of that is my responsibility to raise. If I don't want a child THAT much than sterilization would be appropriate not aborting my child. Why should the child have to pay for our mistake.
I would. I almost did. Dh and I have 4 boys and I really wanted a girl for my final child. I love all of my boys and wouldn't trade any of them but in my heart I ached for a daughter. I looked into Ericcson and Microsort. I actually filled out the application for microsort but never went through with it. Money ended up being the deciding factor. We did try a natural method for concieving this pregnancy but not Shettles. I have heard of too many opposites. We did 0+12. I...
My dh is one of those guys who thinks pregnant women are hot(cute too). Lucky for him I've been pregnant a lot!!!!
Quote: Katie -- was your umblilical cord clamped or severed or pulled on before the placenta was born? Just wondering... I'm not positive but I'd say probably. I honestly don't remember for sure though.
I'm one of the rare cases where I recieved Rhogam and still was sensitized. I found out during my 28 week appointment that my antibody screen came back positive for Anti D and Anti C. This didn't really make sense since the antibody screen came back negative in the begining of the pregnancy. The only conclusion the doctors came to is that it might have happened when I lost a twin at 7 weeks. I never bled at all it was just reabsorbed. I never had any invasive...
Hi, This topic is pretty interesting to me since I am sensitized. Unfortunately Rhogam doesn't always work. Although it is rare it does happen. I read a statistic the other day that only 5,000 pregnancys a year in the U.S are sensitized. I found out during my 28th week in my last pregnancy that my antibody screen was positive. I had gotten all of my Rhogam shots when they were reccomended and it still happened. My Dr's have no idea how it happened really. The only...
My dh is the same way. It drives me crazy. I change almost all the diapers now because he says he can't stand the cloth diapers. He also doesn't like the cloth wipes. When he absolutely haaaas to change a diaper he complains the whole time. I'm starting to think that it must be just to get out of changing diapers.Uggh!
It's sad All of my SOS diapers have those holes along where the soaker is sewn in. They still work so I will be using them until they literally fall apart!
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