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We're visiting Nashville for a little while, and I was wondering what kind of fun things there are to do for families - I have a baby and a toddler. I know the typical tourist things that are on the "must-see" list, but was hoping for a few out-of-the-way "can't miss" places, too. Any ideas?
We're driving down to visit family, and it's going to be about an 11- or 12-hour road trip with two little ones, a baby and a toddler. I'm trying to think of some good foods that are packable but require little maintenance to get together (and as little mess and cleanup as possible!) We are vegetarian, too. I plan on having a cooler in the back of the van... what kinds of healthy things can I bring?
We split it, one account. We get something for the household like a new piece of furniture, or take a family vacation, and then with what's leftover, we divide between ourselves to each enjoy. He's done this with unexpected checks that he's gotten, and I do the same. Everyone is happy.
Is it normal for a toddler to completely ignore us at times? I've noticed this only recently, whereas he seems like he's in his own world and doesn't hear us at all, even when I'm asking him pointed questions. Other times he reacts normally and interacts just fine. So is this just a normal toddler phase or should I be concerned?
I need to get a urine sample from my 2 year old for allergy testing, and I have no idea how to get it. He's not potty trained and doesn't understand the concept yet. The office gave me one pediatric "urine bag" (they only had one) and it was kind of disastrous : ! I might try it again, but I already tried one drugstore, and it apparently isn't a regularly stocked item. Any ideas, mamas?
I soaked an entire package of raw almonds yesterday for my first time making almond milk... the milk turned out great, but I have SO many leftover almonds! What can I do with them?
Hi everyone. Well, due to some circumstance, I am just getting started with my writing. But, it is inspired writing! I feel like I had nothing when I woke up yesterday morning, but by the end of the day, not only did I have a plot, but a story that almost wants to write itself. Now I just have to find the time with two little ones to put it all on paper. I don't know if I'll have 50k words by the end of the month, but I'm certainly going to do my best. I'd love to...
I'm doing nanowrimo for the first time ever this year! i certainly have no time to work on it, but I am definitely going to give it a try! You are so much more organized than me - I have no characters, no storyline, no plot... but I do have enthusiasm! So count me in! ETA: My name is EarthMother - I have no friends yet!
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I *think* she's asking about a specific forum dealing with the issues of having a toddler AND a newborn at the same time. -Angela Yes, this.
I know this has been shot down so many times, I just think it would be so immensely helpful! There are so many of us with toddlers who have having their second, and we have the same questions over and over; people get tired of responding and it's not always easy to go searching through a hundred threads to see if ours has been asked... and where does it go? Toddler forum/life with a babe? Just thought I'd ask again pretty please.
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