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I enjoyed sharing the world with my infant daughter at my level as opposed to her experiencing it through the view of a stroller or car seat outside of the car. She attended concerts, shopping outings, strolls and housework before she knew what any of those things were. Hope to have another (sooner than later) and plan to do the same. Babysitter-schmabysitter! I wear my kids and do most things I did before children with them along for the ride.
My midwife threw out dirty chux, gloves, etc but left the tub (my own purchase) to be cleaned out by dad (she said that's her policy).
I HB'ed with midwife, her Asst, my doula and her mentee (as well as the presence of friends and family)...it was a long process due to a pesky anterior cervical lip but thanks to the skilled hands of my wonderful midwife I delivered (after a total of 30 hrs in labor from onset of 1st "surge") in my fishy designed birthpool in my daughter's own room. This was my 1st birth and it was wonderful!
Willow Anna EDD: September 18, 2007 Born (at home): October 2, 2007 Time: 6:52 am (she was sched for a hospital induction at 7:30am this very day...my official 42 weeks) Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz Length: 20 3/4 inches
I still haven't given birth yet. How many of us are left of the Sept crew?? I was due 9/18 but despite lots of contrax, haven't started labor yet (it's my first). I can't believe my Sept babe is actually going to be an OCTOBER babe!!
She is GORGEOUS!! They have me "penciled in" for an induction on tue (I was due 9/18) but I am not sure I am going to be willing to attend the appointment...in the back of my mind I'm praying to luck out like you and for my little gal to make her way out on her own at the 11th hour. YOU GO GIRLS!!!
I'm still here, too! I DD was 9/18/07 and I'm hoping the full moon and touch of low barometric pressure here helps to get this party started. Saw chiropractor today who focused on acupressure points and I'm weighing the option of having my membranes swept tomorrow at Dr's office. Not 100% yet. Wish this child would do her thing so I don't even have to think about considering it anymore! Oy!
I'm still around but not due until Sept 18. It's funny how 3 months ago it felt so soooon that our baby would be here and we had so much to do to ready ourselves for the event and now I'm 9 days away from EDD it feels like an eternity until she emerges into the world...causing me to have fears of going WAY over. I suppose it's the first of many motherly worries I'll experience...it won't be any better once she's older and I'm awaiting her arrival home after a night out...
As I sit in my office tugging down on a maternity dress that once fit me well, and now thanks to the mass area it has to cover, slides up my thighs to micro-mini status (real professional!) I commiserate with you all! It was 102 degrees here for the past 3 days and I decided this morn that people just have to understand that the needs of a preg woman to feel at all comfortable right now (while working full time) must be priority over her need to fit the social norm of...
Hello, I posted this on my due date club and thought that perhaps if I post here I might get some additional feedback. Any info or opinion would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying to think positive about HB of 1st child. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=726750
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