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Just wanted to say, I'm right there with you all! Guess I just did too much too soon, but happily, all is well now, and he eats so much more now, it isn't a problem to empty both sides! Good luck to you all, hang in there!
Sorry for not keeping up with all of you. It seems like others are better about still checking daily even with a newborn. I think about you all often and check the births at least every week to see who has had babies, but just dont have time for much else. I hope everyone is doing well, and those that are still pregnant, I'm still thinking of you, good luck! Happy late Thanksgiving!
Sorry I've dropped off the face of the earth. It's amazing where the time goes! Anyway, we are both doing great!!! Liam's birth was such a suprise to me, because it turns out Molly's labor and delivery were quite hard, as was recovery! I went into real, timeable labor on Tues. Nov. 1st about 11 am. Contractions were bearable until about 11 pm that night, I could breath/relax through them. At that point, they were NOT bearable at all, two minutes apart and so...
Liam Charles!!! We are so happy to have our little guy here! He's too sweet, sooooo easy, and we are all in love, especially big sister! I posted in the announcements, and I'll write more later, but I wanted to show him off! Take care, everyone, hope everyone is doing well with the bellies/babies! Liam
I wanted to give you all our update! 1. Baby's name - Liam Charles 2. Baby due date -Oct. 31st 3. Baby's birthday -Nov. 2 5:29am 4. Sex and weight/height -M 8lbs. 7oz./ 21 1/2 in. 5. How long you were in labor -18 hours, 8 hours of hard labor 6. How are you doing? - We are very happy, healthy, and home! I will add pictures later. He's amazingly mellow compared to big sis.
: He's beautiful and you look amazing!!! I'm so happy for you!
Alright, Willemsmama, I'll go ahead and let you be the "official" whiner, but only if I can be the annoying side-kick! My talks with this little one are becoming sterner and sterner everyday. I think he's mocking me! Ok, it's the weekend again, so now would be a GREAT time to go into labor. I'm even concidering the castor oil. Although, I must say that for a second, I thought you could skip it and drink a McD's shake, and I was all over that! Then I read closer and...
I didn't ever notice the mucous plug, but have had "bloody show???" for 3 days now. Like brown snot, (Sorry, TMI) not like a plug. My question is, is this OK? I was excited, it sounded like labor should start within 24-48 hours of the first signs, and now we're on like 63 hours. It's nothing to worry about is it?
I sometimes worry that Liam won't be as big as big sis (9lbs), and I really liked having a big baby. But, I mean really, what can you do? Also, along the same line of irrational worries, I worry he won't have the hair that big sis had. It's like that's what is perfect in my mind - big and tonz of black hair! (Molly didn't even look like she belonged to us, as the nurse pointed out ) But, during a rational period, which are coming less and less, I know he will be...
On Monday, I was 2cm, and 50% effaced, but have been crampy all day with the bloody show, so hopefully things are happening! Or, more likely, I'll spend the day really excited, and then it will all stop for a day or two
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