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I do this, too! The Christmas stuff must ALL be packed up and put away and the house clean for the New Year. Glad to hear I'm not the only one LOL
(coming in late) I can't stand starting a new year w a messy/cluttered house, so I spend most of new year's eve cleaning & decluttering. I can't wait!
I remember John Travolta saying that they homeschooled their kids, and about the same time reading an article where his wife said that they were part of a school that was recently formed. Maybe it is a Scientology kind of thing. I don't know ... I think that we homeschoolers are just plain trendy and everyone wants to be like us. ;-)
I liked Slow and Steady, Get me Ready, and also http://amblesideonline.org/index2.shtml
I keep most everything in my computer - I have files of printouts, curriculum ideas, book lists many websites bookmarked, and our weekly schedule (which I back up once in a while because I am anal LOL). Some of this I keep in Outlook, like the book lists, and sync them on my Palm so I have it easily accessible.
my 8yo does copywork a few x/week. She usually does Bible verses (not straight from the Bible but in a little flip-chart thing the kids have) or poems. I've noticed a big improvement in her penmanship this year, and also her spelling. It's also helping her to learn punctuation.
it's been a while since I did a lot of meal planning, but when I was in the habit, I did it based on what was on sale. The grocery store ad is available online, so it made it fairly easy to do that. I also try to stock up on items that I know I will use, when they're on sale. It seems that everything's on sale at some point.
I really like flylady's idea of zones. I used to do a major spring cleaning & fall cleaning, but with 5 kids and the rest of my life, well it's just not going to happen LOL! I do try to work one area a week, generally. Some of the jobs I'll delegate to my older kids, and the rest I work on during my pockets of "free time." It's inevitable that, if I get into a major project, 3 kids will start going crazy or needing me for everything or, sometimes wanting to help me when...
I have everything on my computer on Outlook and sync it with my Palm, so that I have a copy of everything w me in my bag when I'm not @ home.
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