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Just looking to see if anyone is from that area. We are moving this summer
Mine are pretty close to doing things right together. They actually both started walking within hours of each other. To me it seems like, one does it and the other thinks...Oh that's cool, I am gonna try it.
I voted other. I nursed my singletons. My plan was to nurse the twins. However, due to some serious family issues, me being very sick (still dealing with BP issues and they are 18 months now), the twins being in NICU, I just didn't have the energy to attempt more then a week with nursing. Sometimes, I regret it. But I really had to focus on getting me healthy in order to care for everyone else.
Congrats on your twins! It sounds like you are doing wonderful. Most new twins moms say at the least the first 3 months are a blur. It seems to me like our first year was a blur and I don't even remember the first 3 months at all. It is hard. But it is also doable as I am sure many women will come along with testimony of survival. I think asking for help was the hardest part for me too. But I assure you, it is so worth it!! Congrats again!
My grandmother lost a set of twins. But from her, we have the twins in the family. I have a cousin who has had two sets of twins. I have one set. But my pregnancy before the twin pregancy, I had a major bleed with lots of cramping. I was told I was miscarrying only to find there was still a baby there. I now believe I lost a baby from a previous twin pregnancy, though no u/s or blood tests to indicate otherwise.
I know that is the new math and how to teach it, but I never could teach it that way. It seemed to confuse me and my kids. I have always taught my kids the way I was taught in school. It just seems like less steps to remember to do it the below way. 32 x21 32 640 672 Sorry it didn't line up right.
I have almost 16 month old twins and the only time I get to really "instruct" is when they are napping. The older kids have independent things they can do with out me being involved (journaling, spelling words, some worksheets). But I gave up trying to entertain toddlers. It is easier and less stressful just to do instruction during nap time. We just finish schooling later in the afternoon rather then at lunch time like we used to do.
It depends on the school and the program. Clinicals, he would probably be gone all day. But the times, also depend on the school. The nursing school I attended had some online classes. It also had a few clinicals that were in the evening or on the weekends (if you were lucky enough to get signed up for those). I have heard of schools who had their students in class all day M-Th and then clinicals all day friday. I have heard of schools that were almost exclusively...
I think it is possible if you and your family are the right type of family to do homeschooling while you are in nursing school. But I know my family wasn't and wouldn't have been. Nursing school was very hard for me, much harder then I ever would have imagined. We had one mother who was homeschooling while in our class. She always seemed to be the most stressed of any of us. All that being said, being a nurse is the best profession to have to be able to HS and...
We don't necessarily push college on our children. We push education in whichever form they want to pursue. We talk alot about what education can do for you and that education doesn't stop at a text book. It is expanded in other forms (ie, news, reading in general, magazines, work experience, etc). Then we try to instill in them a love of learning. I don't know if my children will go on to a 4 year college or not. I know they will each eventually recieve some kind of...
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