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I've really appreciated this discussion, as it feels really relevant to this "lost" feeling I've been having, especially with DS. He, too, is a very strongly emotional boy who lashes out with his feelings. I'm going to try more of the "focus on him" suggestions, and the "what I love about you" conversations, but I do wonder -- what do we do with the younger child (if there is one)? I am afraid I'll become this tennis ball of reassurance between the two of them, and...
I really don't like who I am as a parent lately, and I need guidance from people who are parenting the way I want to parent. I have a 4-1/2 year old son and a 14 month old daughter. Now, a lot of the time, they play together very nicely, and since I do work from home, I use that time to get some stuff done. I know some of the issues would be easily resolved if I was right there the entire time, but I realistically cannot do that -- well, I could, but it would be...
Sorry I've been absent so far this week ... I don't know how it went by so fast!! It really seems that time is starting to fly. Overall, the nausea is gone, though I have still gotten sick twice last week and once this week -- it is so much better overall though!! I can cook again, and do stuff around the house without running to the bathroom (and I know my DH is happy about the improvement and the decrease in his workload). Parker is the cutest thing, talking to,...
Because we kept all of Parker's things, I don't think there is much we'll need. Of course some new washcloths, cloth diapers, and hopefully some girl clothes ... but we'll see. I'm waiting until after the US to do any of that.
I am so sorry you are coming up against so much opposition. Stay strong and know that you are sowing the seeds of change.
Well, I hate to say it, but I STILL have MS!! Isn't this crazy?!?! ANd now I'm hearing all these stories of people being sick all through pregnancy. I do NOT want that! Sigh. Still, my BP is good, I haven't really put on any weight, I'm eating well, but I need to start exercising. DS is startin to want to nurse more and more, and my poor nips are just SORE!! I go to the dentist this coming Monday to get a tooth fixed, and then my US is next Thursday. I guess we...
Virtually none, though on occassion I'll have something that has caffeine and not worry about it. I was fastidious with Parker, but then I was coming off of drinking a pot of coffee a day back then. Came back to add: My preggo brain is so fried that I actually posted on this thread twice.
Thanks for compiling! It is nice to see that there are a number of us here!! Now to just get to posting. :LOL
For my last birth, we had to do this, and are doing it this time as well. I thought it was standard practice as well, but agree that it is mightily unfair.
I guess it depends on how comfortable you are with her, and how you feel if she thinks you are a quack. I know I had a friend who wanted a VBAC and ultimately ended up with an ERCS, and I think she has been avoiding me a little since. But, I was willing to let her know what I knew, and go from there with her decision. She also trusted her OB implicitly.
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