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Sydnee Have you found anything else out? I actually read about it on your blog and thought I'd check here to see if you had posted anything else. I hope she's feeling better.
Amy, how awesome! Shahbazin Blue Lotus, I was wondering your family Thanks for the update. I'd posted last night and it isn't showing up, weird. DD is still with this lingering cough/runny nose, I hate taking her in because it's not that bad at all, but it's been a week and a half and I just have run out of options besides just waiting. Any suggestions?
Hi mamas! I should be in bed since I feel DD's cold coming on, but I've been super busy and haven't been able to post much. Hevyne, it's good to hear from you, I'm glad Lukey is doing well with his school and you sound like you're doing better as well. Definitely pop in more often, we miss you! Mary, I'm thinking about you mama! I'm glad you got to spend some time with friends (and learning to knit is something I always want to do but never actually get around...
Those are really sweet pictures Shahbazin- Beth is getting so big! We've all got colds here so it's been very laid back the last couple of days. Hope you and yours are all healthy!
Congrats Sydnee! How neat is that! Amy, your Sunday sounds like tons of fun, and here's to hoping you get some rest soon! Max, Bamboletta dolls are just super cute waldorf-y type dolls, DS really wants one since everytime he plays with one of DD's babies she gets mad and he wants a boy. I think it's going to be a combined birthday/Christmas gift for DS, I don't know about DD though. Maybe it'll be in lieu of gifts from the Iowans. We've been pretty busy getting...
Hi Mamas, I'm bumping us up! Nothing very interesting to report here, I think we may be getting bamboletta dolls for the kids for Christmas, both of them really want them and while I'd always like to make them that type of doll, it's been 2 years that I've thought about it and haven't gotten to it. I make them enough of the other type of dolls anyway I hope you're all doing well.
Glad you like her! aquarian- yeah, I used to post a lot more often over here, but now pretty much stick with my old DDC group. I wish I had more time!
Hi all! I just wanted to let all the crocheters know that I've just listed a free gnome/baby amigurumi pattern on my blog- Sleepy Sarah amigurumi pattern! Take care!
quickly subbing Wow. October already.
Hi mamas, I'm bumping us up, we definitely aren't our usual chatty selves. We're still in the house hunting trenches, not fun at all, but the good thing is that we rent from my parents so there's no hurry there. DD is getting wordier and wordier, sometimes a tad too much when she decides that she can boss her big brother around She had a growth spurt this last month too, I had to get her 3 pairs of new shoes- sandals since it's still really hot here, dress shoes...
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