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My youngest is forever trying to get the coffee also, If DH goes to 7-11 I have to throw the cup in outside garbage or he will pick it out and try to get the few remaining millileters lol.
I would invite them. If they don't want to come, they don't have to. IL relationships can be so different. My brothers IL's are the best, I love his MIL, we all spend holidays together and get together often. OTOH, my own MIL has not seen anyone in my family since our wedding almsot 4 years ago. I do invite her though, she just always has a last minute excuse and I am now fully convinced she has some type of social anxiety.
Congrats to you! What a major accomplishment!
You can report violations of the WHO code here: http://www.ibfan.org/site2005/Pages/...t_id=418&iui=1
I am so sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by TattoMomK Would it be fair to believe that Nestle is paying the hotel in order to distribute these formula packs? That's what formula co's did with Dr.'s and hospitals for years right? Maybe not cold, hard cash but perhaps free products for their kitchens? Does Nestle own paper companies that might distribute toilet paper and tissue? Or perhaps, if the hotel is aligned with a museum, preservation society, etc, Nestle could be...
Busy half hour I have had! Nothing like this adrenaline to help my headache though Anyway, this is what I wrote: To Whom it May Concern, When reading the details of your baby moon package I was very disturbed to see this: "Stylish, insulated backpack complete with Nestle baby formula, baby bottle, and information about infant care, all courtesy of Nestle " Why am I disturbed? Well it saddens me to see that your company probably does not even realize that there...
: I am in the midst of my letter to them already!
Yes is is a definite violation. How disturbing that Nestle finds yet another dirty way to violate the code, sabatoge expectant mothers bf goals, and get free advertising! Not only would I write a letter pointing out the violation of the WHO code, which they probably do not even know if in the hotel industry, but I would send this info to this site as well: http://www.babymilkaction.org/index.html
What cuties!
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