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I recommend "Just D" by sunlight vitamins or Carlsen's baby D drops. Neither have additives ,sweeteners or coloring.
These first shoes are great. Super soft, all leather, with lightly padded soles and adjustable velcro in the back of the foot which makes them stay on. http://www.ingeling.com/34.html
Here is a great simple list of things to get for the new baby and also a 'what not to get' part. Working as a in home baby nurse you learn what products work. http://www.ingeling.com/what-to-get-for-the-new-baby-equipment-list.html  
F.Y.I: Evenflo has brought back their "ultra" nipple. It is a wide, short nipple that fits on the Evenflo glass bottle. Perfect shape for nursing babies without going to a wide neck bottle. They took it off the market about a year ago but since they signed the WHO directive I guess they decided to bring it back. It is now called Evenflo comfort select. "Breast feeding nipple". Hard to find but should be available soon. Quote: Originally Posted by...
I found a deodorant that works all day from www.rosenserien.com (click on the English flag). You can get it in the US at www.ingeling.com It really works and I do not need to reapply it during the day.
The best nipple for the Evenflo glass bottle is the Evenflo Ultra. It is definitely the nipple that most closely resembles the breast. Unfortunately Evenflo quit making them due to low sales. I got some on E-bay. The best, shortest, chunkiest nipple to get right now is the Evenflo Comfi. Dr.Browns Preemie nipple has the slowest flow but is really long and narrow but most babies learn to take any shape nipple pretty fast.
I think I have tried most of the natural deodorants on the market and finally found one that works all day and smells great. It is made by a Swedish company that uses rose essence and organic ingredients for all of their products. You can read all about them at www.rosenserien.com. Click on the English flag. You can buy the deodorant in the states at www.ingeling.com It is kind of pricey but last for months and will keep you smelling like a rose! They also have the...
New Posts  All Forums: