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I'm having trouble getting more pics to post. :/ Asher is doing beautifully. He's regaining lost weight on my milk that came in less than 48 hours after birth and less than 24 hours after he first got to nurse. He's so sweet and mellow and cuddly! I was hoping we'd go home today, but my MW and doula both advised waiting to heal up more. Then I got hit with a crazy wave of exhaustion and slept a ton. Not 100% today as the med schedule keeps failing. But doing better. My...
Crafty, so glad it was so lovely! Edelweiss, sending hugs and prayers from one hospital to yours. I hope you can rest and they stay put for a good while. You're doing such a great job fighting for them!
I wish I'd had a list of baby requests. He was taken to NICU and I have no idea what they did either there or in OR as I was under GA.
I'm okay. Sore and exhausted. Lots of cat napping. I had to stay in a recovery room for24 hours on meds (pre-e), so only a bit ago got up for the first time (owww!!) and into a postpartum room. Then they say, "cosleeping is bad! No bed sharing!" Bahaha! I'll sign your paper saying we talked, but I will not put him down after 21 hours of separation bc you can't read studies!
Thanks so much, mamas. I posted a couple of pics in a new thread. He's so tiny! Nursing well despite tongue tie (all of mine have it to some degree). Soooo sweet. It took over 21 hours to get him out of NICU when he was totally fine (but he started out with apgars of 1; not 100% sure why). Trying to make up for lost time with skin to skin and snuggling.
After over 21 hours captive in the NICU, he is finally where he belongs.
Baby is here. 5-12, 20". Boy. Necessary csection for persistent footling breech and my bp going through the roof. Apgars 1 and 7. He's in level 3 NICU for now. I'm on mag sulfate.
Yes, that's right. My MW has me closer to 37. I've never had labor start like this. Still early but picking up a little. Thanks for the support, mamas!!
So, ummm... My water broke. I've never had it break early. This is surreal!
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