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True. I hope. The person below me has swollen feet.
Rosenberg (down the road from me, suburb of Houston)
Leigh, any recommended reading about this grandfathered thing? I called the other day and was told I have 100% coverage for a pump (which is what the ACA requires). So I talked to the DME supplier about a Hygeia and they called back to say they insurance company is claiming my policy doesn't qualify because "it was renewed after August 2012." :??? It's through DH's work, of course, and we've been on it since April 2012. I have no idea if this is the grandfathering...
I could seriously do with a social outing. Would you rather move (house) while 8.5 months pregnant, or with a newborn?
That's a great list, somegirl! I forgot your DH is out of town, EA. So tough. I'm glad he'll be able to be there for you after this! I know being lonely and feeling isolated really makes things worse for me. Sometimes, I just throw all the kids in the car so we can get out for a bit and give me a bit of sanity. And sometimes that comes in the form of them watching a movie while I get a nice, long bath. But doing whatever you need to do to take care of YOU at this...
Crafty, yes, everything's in Houston. You should come down for the BIRTH Fair (first Saturday in October). It's free, indoors, air conditioned, and lots of fun meeting up with all kinds of like-minded parents. I'd totally recommend coming for the Improving Birth Rally, too, but it's on Labor Day, outdoors, so not quite as appealing, I'm sure. It's great to be part of something that can really inform people and, hopefully, create change, though! I discovered we have...
Well, the first thing that came to mind was chocolate. Dark chocolate is a vegetable, so... Of course, my vice at the moment is "only" semi-sweet. While this advice has never pleased me, it has actually worked for me... Getting out and walking, every day, has helped a ton. Also, making sure I keep up with my supplements. I do SO much better when I take the stuff my body needs. And I'm much less stressed when I'm getting enough exercise in. (It's just really...
False, though occasional contractions. Of course, it's been so long since I had a period, I may not even know. The person below me loves their chiropractor.
Concert, as long as it's someone I love (I don't drink, so champagne is just a waste!). Would you rather find a spider or a tree roach in your house? (Guess what we've had today!)
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