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Crafty, coverage started in January for almost all plans. Some are "grandfathered" but I have no idea which or why. I did confirm today that my plan will cover an electric at 100%. Yay! I know there's an in network DME supplier that has Hygeia, so I've put in a call to them. Hygeia are multi-user which appeals, and I hear such great things about many aspects. I don't know that I'll end up pumping a ton, but I may need to work more than I'd like, so having the ability to...
I have one pair of maternity jeans I can wear, and they have a contrasting panel, so all of my non-maternity shirts (as I only have a few maternity) that are too short require extra layers to hide the panel. And extra layers means extra heat, which I don't need in this weather! I have another pair of pants that are all the same color, somewhere... I am not sure I'll find them in all my boxes in time.
The only reason I see for shadow care is if you think you might need the backup at the time of birth. So I would figure severing ties would defeat that purpose. However, if you don't feel like you need it (and you likely don't!), then it may do no harm. I know some people just skip some appts, too. It really just depends on what your reasoning was for seeing both.
Oregon, I found it at Lands' End. I don't see anything just like it now, but they have this one that's probably most similar: http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-lightweight-jersey-cover-up-dress/id_231558_59 Mine has sleeves and is a "cotton lawn" fabric which is almost linen-like. But the empire waist and v-neck are shared features that made it work well. It's also long enough that I didn't feel exposed.
Fun! Thanks, Cynthia!
I should really be seeing my chiro at least once a week but it's not in the budget and there's really no wiggle room. So I'm going every two weeks but miserable in between. I need to remember to take Rhus tox for the stiffness, and more Epsom salt baths. It's hard to remember anything these days, tho!
How about standing up and not being sure your pelvis and joints will cooperate to actually WALK. And ouch. Putting on pants is now a sit-down job. And using a foot to kick something into place? Baaaad idea. I'm sure it won't be long before lifting a foot more than to step normally will be painful. Curbs = pause to determine which is worse: walking to a ramp or stepping up that high.
I have often worn comfy night shirts and yoga pants. Last time, I had a photographer and wanted to think through and plan better. I ended up wearing a super comfy old navy maternity skirt with the comfy cotton maternity top I already had on. Stripped off undies at some point. The entire ensemble was traded for a special top I picked out to wear in the tub and birth in. It was a swim cover up with an open neckline for skin to skin and Breastfeeding, but the coverage I...
Leigh, I am hating dealing with BCBS. Ugh. Glad they're finally coming around. Crafty, eek!! I just realized next Friday is one month for me. But my last three were in the 39+ week, which is a month from now! Crazy boiling hot temps here! Yikes! We've run garage sales the last two mornings and it's been pretty pleasant with nice breezes. That is, until about 10am when it begins creeping up to unbearable. Apparently the official high today was 107*. At 9:30pm it was still...
I'm hoping for a Hygeia, but I'd likely opt for Ameda over Medela if those were the only options. Hygeia is really good at helping you find DMEs with your insurance.
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