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Hey there, So I'm a mama of 4 and we do not have insurance. I have applied for CHP+ and I am waiting to hear on that status. I am being told I must get my youngest girls 5 and 3 physicals and dental health screenings. I do not have the up front cash for the payment of these. Do we have the right to file and exemption on these screening for K and Head start? Or will I be forced to pay for this? Would love to know any of your experiances. Thanks!
I've been on foodstamps for just over a year. We lost our business, house, cars, and life. I'm back in school full time at a local community college.  DH has been trying for over the year to get a new job, tough I mean tough. I worked the 2010 census, he worked off jobs here and there. He finally got a full time job on the 1st of the year. We finally are not renewing and this will be our first month off of the assistance!     First if you qualify, they really help to...
Thanks for the feed back. I really want to not struggle financially anymore, but I really struggle with "traditional" professions. If I could do anything I would be a midwife, but my family is so large and I struggle with how to always be on call and potentially miss big important dates for my children. I don't know. The sustainability degree is so new, I'm not sure it will be worth while. I appreciate any other insight out there! Thanks, Pies
I just wanted to say I totally understand! I've wanted to be a midwife since high school. I'm a mama to 4 kiddos- I feel as thought it might be to tough to actually be a mother and midwife (yes I know many midwives who do it like modern day heros  ) I'm just not sure that I can. Also given a hubby that is not supportive, It's a sad thought that this passion in my life might never happen. I say if you have support, finances, and a place to precept or school than go for...
So, I went back to school this fall (been SAHM for 10 years). Currently enrolled at CMC in the sustainability BA degree. Problem is, I'm not sure what I'll do with the degree when I graduate. I'm passionate about local food, growing organics, living off the grid, yada, yada. But, I need to make money when I graduate. Do any of you have a great green career? Talk to me about it, let me know what's going on with you! Thanks!  
totally a one car fam- have been always. We make it work! And that's great!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you all for sharing. I'm going to look at all these suggestion s. I'll keep you updated as I go. This is a scary experience, but much easier with other who have been there done that!
I realize I can't say DD is not on the autistic spectrum- I just mean my gut feeling is that she is not. Perhaps as we test we will find otherwise, I'm just trying to listen to my instinct to get some peace for her and my family, I just keep thinking food sensitivity and or allergies. I've started the food diary, and I will be making an appointment with the PED tomorrow. This seems really scary, as eliminating foods with a family of 6 could prove to be difficult, at least...
Hey mama's! So I and my hubby are at our wits end. My toddler (our 4th babe) is very, very high needs. She is angry, irritable, cry's most all day and night, hits, screams, screams, screams. She is rarely happy. I have slinged her for her entire life, have breastfeed her up to 19months, co-slept, homebirthed, non-vax home yada yada. We have NEVER had the issues that we have with her from the other children. I have a gut feeling this might be food related. She does not...
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