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even if it is cold, you can always lay the beeswax sheets (while still in their plastic bag) on a warm (not too hot) surface and it will soften them to the perfect consistency.  just take one sheet off the heated surface at a time, make that candle, then take off the next sheet when you are ready for it. 
paper scissors stone is where i got them.  you have to order the beeswax sheets and cotton wick string individually.  i thought it was sold as a kit and was suprised not to get the string with the wax so then had to order again for just the wicks.  anyhow, i was happy once we got all the supplies and rolled the candles.  i don't remember the price but did my research at the time (last year) and found this to be the best option.
yeah, and remember how martha huber (that is the one that is in jail right?) said to the other inmate that she had a plan that would have paul dead soon. i think Paul's wife somehow favors the hubers (maybe the shape of her mouth or something) so i think that is who is supposed to kill him as part of that plan.
doesn't anyone have anything to say about that creepy Paul Young? wonder why he wants to own all those houses?
i think that is the perfect age!
please share with me your favorite option (with links if possible) for a waldorf dollhouse. i am looking for something in the $100-$150 price range.
i am trying to find the cheapest priced set of boat/stairs but also a set that is safe (free from chemical coatings, toxic glue, etc.) i see the natural pod set which is close to $300 (way too much for me to spend) http://www.naturalpod.com/shop/index...roducts_id=845 and the Steffy Wood boat can be found for less than $150 but i can't seem to find out if it is "safe" http://www.nextag.com/STEFFY-WOOD--2...ats/brand-html any ideas/opionions/feedback on these or...
those pics are cute have you thought of making some wings? you can use a coat hanger or other wire to shape the frame then cover them with some queen size pantyhose or tights(or the largest size you can find)
pm'd you
the witness does not technically have to "watch." they can just be there on location and be able to write an affidavit (and get it notarized) that the baby was born alive on whatever date/time. that should work in some states. and yes, imo, having a "witness" does help your "case"
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