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I have the opposite problem. DH is Jamaican but speaks "proper English" all the time. I WISH he spoke the patois so the kids would learn that as well. The only time I heard him speak that way was when we were in Jamaica, lol. But as for your situation, I agree with the others, and you shouldnt worry about this at all.
My DH and MIL also pressured me to potty learn DD. We had a potty since she was about 15 months old and she just stopped wearing diapers a month ago (she will be 3 at the end of this month)! So, my advice is to ignore the pressure from others and do what feels best for you and your son. I knew in my heart that when my daughter was ready, she would do it and be successful. I was right! She just decided she wanted to wear to wear underwear one day and that was that. She had...
Just wondering if anyyone ever heard from OP? I hope she and the kids are OK.
Quote: Originally Posted by skreader Yeah, they fade w/ age. My husband in HK-Chinese and my kids both had spots on their bottoms. I think they were gone by the time they were 3 or so. My m-i-l had a funny story about the spots, I don't know where she heard it. The story is that souls who are reluctant to be reincarnated "get a kick in butt", and the the number and size of the spots show how much "encouragement" they needed to be reborn. ...
I loved the first season. I hadn't realized it came back! Oops. Need to fiind the episodes I missed so far. What day is it on?
Quote: Originally Posted by Levatrice I'm out here! And wondering where they're going with this new story line with Jimmy Smits' character. It's making me feel squirrely. I feel squirrely too! I'm fan of the show. I also knew Rita was pregnant. She must be in real life. Anyone know? As for Jimmy Smits stabbing someone- why was there a real knife near a fake one on set? Geesh!
Oh, I didn't know Princess Pea was biracial! My DD likes that show.
I agree with olliepop and mntnmom. The nurse was inappropriate.
Quote: Originally Posted by CarsonBookworm I have always checked "other" for DD and for myself. What about when there is no "other"? Do you just write it in?
OK, now I am mad too. Just looked at an application for a public school in my area and the box is there. Check only one it says. There is no "other" option! And in small print it says they are required by law to report it. I am also interested in the census protocol. Is what this school is doing illegal? I don't want to choose a race for my children, that is absurd!
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