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:hi hello, can I join? I finished the C25K program, which is AMAZING, in July and ran my first 5k the end of July. Sure, it took me over 40 minutes but I did it! I'm getting ready to fun my 4th 5k November 21st. I've consistently lowered my time to 35 minutes so I'm hoping to get it even lower for this one. My major goal is to do the Kansas City Marathon October 16th 2010.
Great job everyone! I haven't updated for a while, we've been pretty busy but I did do The Great Pumpkin Race 5k Saturday morning with a time of 35:30 It's the exact same time as I completed my last 5k the end of August in but that's ok. While chatting with some of the other runners around the water cooler afterwards we decided that this course was WAY harder and most of them actually had worse times than the one the end of August so I'm trying to not be so down on myself...
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move Weight loss is boot camp. Maintenance is war. I love this! can I use it in my siggy?
165. I started tracking everything I eat again and picked up on my running to get ready for a 5k saturday morning. The problem is that I haven't ran for a month....and just started again yesterday. ahem, well I have been sick and excuses excuses, ya'know. So back at it again.
I moved my little siggy man today! I am actually 168 Now my goal can be one notch a month. I'm 3/4 of the way to Vegas Baby!
Quote: Originally Posted by heather_lea333 There is the Columbia Community Birth Center. http://www.birthcolumbia.org Good luck! Heather Yep, that's the one! They are very kind and helpful.
I'm still fighting this horrible cold. I'm signed up for the Halloween Pumking Race 5k and starting to get nervous about it. I haven't been able to run hardly at all for fear of choking on my own phlegm. It's really bumming me out
I didn't see one started yet so I thought I would jump in. My weigh in days are Thursdays so this month is made just for me! Weighing in at 169 Hoping to say goodbye to 5lbs. Anyone else?
I did it! I can't believe it! 169 baby! Woohoo! One more pound and I get to move my little dude to the 75!
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