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Hubby may be transferred to a company in OK and we are from CT so this would be a shock.  But, where to live would be a possible challenge depending on a few factors.  We live in a town of 1700 people now and like small towns, we are very liberal, very crunchy, Buddhist and are a mixed family (DH, DD and I are white and our other DD is very dark AA).  So taking all this into consideration where would be a good area to live near Oklahoma City?  Racism is the top factor we...
He is waiting to hear back from one in Lake City that he interviewed at.
Hubby is considering a job there and I am curious about the area since we are coming from CT and have never been there.  Is it crunchy?  What towns are good to raise kids in?  Also, I need a town that is open minded since one of my daughters is AA so we need to stay clear of racism. We will most likely be renting at first until we get really familiar with the area.
I buy the large packs of cheap face cloths (like 10 for $3.00) at walmart, cut them in half and use them as reuseable toilet paper.  Also, I try to get the fruits and veggies that are not good enough to sell at the grocery store for free (I tell them they are for my animals) and just either cut them up and keep the good parts to use, freeze or puree and freeze for smoothies and sauces.
FWIW, Dr. Sears talks about how a child sleeps better at night if they have a nap and I have to agree. On the rare day that my baby doesn't nap, she is up all night on and off and restless when she is asleep.  If she takes her usual 2 hour nap she sleeps like a gem. But this is my experience.Could he be trying to make up for lost time with you since he is in daycare?  I have never had my kids in daycare so I am just thinking.  
Anyone looking to get together?  We are still just hanging out here in the quiet corner of CT
Looking for other families going to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in August. Our little tribe is going and consist of me, hubby and our 8yr. old and 2 yr. old daughters.   Namaste!
THANK YOU!  That makes more sense how you wrote it.  I was knitting around until I got to  4 stitches before the bind off and confused at how i was going to bind off 8 when I only had 4. I am actually doing this in a thick n thin plied yarn.   Namaste, Buddhamom
How big did you make the sections before dreading them? I am still thinking these may be too small of sections and they couldn't handle the weight and day to day  wear and tear of the budding dreads.
I am at this part and it says:   Divide for straps Next rnd Bind off 3 (3, 4, 4) sts, k until 4 sts from bind-off, bind off 6 (8, 8, 10) sts, k until 4 sts from bind-off, bind off to end—two 4-st straps remain.   I started following the directions and am confused that when I knit until 4 stitches before I get to the bind off, how am I suppose to bind off 8 when there are not enough stitches? Can anyone explain this better to me?  I am desperate as this...
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