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Quote: Originally Posted by lifeguard Well, as all the local teacher strikes have been about political stuff I cannot stand behind I certainly would not. Maybe in a different situation. I must say using the students as pawns like that would really rub me the wrong way though. This.
Yes, my 4 year old girl, turning 5 before the cut off is starting. She's been in 2 years of preschool and is totally ready. She can't wait. Me on the other hand, I'm a basket case. I'm nervous about all the outside influences and just the state of the public schools but homeschooling isn't an option since I work and she really loves being in a school environment.
We have one of the highest rated school districts and half of our schools are Title 1 schools. I thought I remembered reading that 40% of the schools in the country are also. I see it as an advantage since they get extra money, resources etc to spend on the kids that other schools do not get. The principal at ours is also very involved and our school has a ton of parent involvement.
Quote: Originally Posted by dancingmama I'm pretty sure we are starting! Yikes. I can't believe it. My little one turns 5 in November, and we have a December cut-off. She'll be young for sure, but she sure does seem ready. I hope I don't regret sending her. It's the hardest decision ever. We are in the exact same boat. I was always the youngest in my class (oct bday) and I turned out just fine.
I wonder what the legal repercussions of an employer forcing an employee to get a flu shot are? Quote: “OSHA does expect facilities providing healthcare services to perform a risk assessment of their workplace and encourages healthcare employers to offer both the seasonal and H1N1 vaccines . . . . It is important to note that employees need to be properly informed of the benefits of the vaccinations. However, although OSHA does not specifically require...
My daughter used a paci with no issues. She gave up the paci at 6 months on her own and is still nursing at 18 months.
Every other day in the winter and usually every day in the summer.
That is typical for most daycare facilities due to state law. Our daycare required a special sticker be put on all the breastmilk bottles and they also had to be dated and labeled with the child name. Each bfing mom had their own colored sticker.
I nursed on only one side at a time and pumped the other. I WOHM and this has allowed me to never give either of my children formula b/c of the freezer stash I built up each time.
I wish I lived closer. I'd take my very big 15 month old there and see how they like it. What's worse is the ignorant comments to that article in the Free Press. Really is shocking in this day and age that a woman gets thrown out of a store for providing nourishment for her baby.
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