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Over 80% of child restraints are not used properly. Come out to this FREE event to have yours checked out by trained, certified Child Restraint Systems Technicians. Carseat Safety Clinic Marigold Ford, Hwy 2 in Whitby - Jun 27, 2010 From 10-2PM stop by Marigold Ford in Whitby for the Carseat Safety Clinic. 4 out of 5 seats are not correctly installed! There will be trained techs on site who will teach you how to keep your little ones safe in their seats. No...
The True Fit is nice. The Nautilus is taller - the tallest available in Canada for a harnessed seat. Almost every seat has an expiration time of 6-yrs from the date it was made. There are a very few exceptions. The Radian seats are the narrowest, but they aren't as tall.
babyproofingplus.com has it - it's on sale at the moment even.
7 yrs 3 mns. Of that 18+12 months were tandem.
IF you can find a booster seat that supplies a footrest in the box with the seat, then THAT footrest would be safe with THAT booster. After-market products are not tested with the seats, therefore nobody can tell you if the item is safe or not - and you don't want to use your child to find out, I'm sure.
The Monterey has an upper weight limit of 120lbs and is width adjustable. I'd look at it. Boosters like the TurboBooster / Evenflo BigKid / etc are much more narrow and top out at lower weights.
HOW far under him was crotch strap ? I would seriously look at a Nautilus again - but NOT ever from a source where you do not know 100% of it's history (aka, not secondhand). If that doesn't work - look at some of the high-backed boosters available. The new Parkway has a "slide guard" piece that keeps the lap portion of the belt low. The turbobooster is good for many smaller sized booster riders, and the Monterey for wider ones, with many available in between...
It's got nothing to do with BRU at all. You got a salesperson who thought they knew more than they did - which can, and does, happen EVERYWHERE.
I've had to switch to FF seats with all my kids prior to age 3. Not by choice - rather by lack of other choices. DS1 - just about 2 yrs old. DD - over 2, but not yet 2½. DS2 - 2 yrs and about 9 months.
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