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Awesome!  I might have to use that trick with DSD.  She recently saved up her allowance to buy an iPod touch, and I know they have a Kindle app.  Totally sneaky way to get her to do some reading.
Normally I would plug Laptop Lunches, because I feel like they are good for toddlers but work great for elementary school-age children as well.  My stepdaughter has been using hers for four years now.  The all-one-container thing might make Laptop Lunches technically not fit the request.   Goodbyn might be a good bet.  I have no personal experience with them, but they are super cute and all one piece.
We have a somewhat similar situation to yours, the (very) big difference being that in our house there are two adults who are students with (next to) no income.   We scrape by on student loans, but it probably helps having two people maxing out their loans vs. one.  We moved into student family housing, and it has been a good deal for us.  We have five of us in a 2 BR.  Could you squeeze into a 1 BR or share with another mama/student/friend?  If you did that, would...
Honestly, I think that you have a lovely family situation right now.   I always wished my relationship with my DSD could be as close as yours is with your DS.   All of this seems very normal for a child of that age expecting a sibling.  Heck, they seem like normal things for a child of that age period (I have an almost 2 yo and privacy in the bathroom seems like something that does not apply to me ).   I would just say that you should relish this alone time that...
I sometimes cringe at buy-something parties, but I would totally go to a Tupperware party.  So retro!   I definitely agree with the wine idea.
Me, too, on this.   I sooooooooo want things to work out for you! 
Usually the people at the shower have received both an invite to the shower and the wedding via the mail, so someone probably has a list of those addresses somewhere. Heck, my wedding was how I made my first address book.To me, if someone takes the time to select, purchase, and wrap a gift for me and attend a party in my honor, the least I can do is look up their address and write them a nice note. But everyone's different. *shrug*
I just finished the last final exam of my undergraduate career.  I am so happy to be done (and looking forward to pharmacy school in the fall).  The semester has ended on a bit of a sour note.  I feel like I should probably talk to the dean about what happened in this class, but I don't want to bother making an appointment, etc. if it will not make a difference.   The class was Anatomy and Physiology 2.  I had this instructor for A & P 1, and she was excellent....
I'm so happy things worked out for your family!  You are an awesome and strong mama to keep fighting like that. 
How are you at memorization? I am in my last couple of weeks of A & P 2. The first semester was much harder than the second. WAY more difficult memorization (bones, muscles - they all look the same). Second semester is more interesting. I am at the top of my class, but I am really good at memorization. I had to put in about twice as much effort first semester compared to second. Also, to do well, you probably will have to spend some time outside of class in the lab...
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