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We live in University family housing, so we don't have a garage. The management issues each family something similar to this: http://www.rubbermaid.com/Category/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?CatName=Outdoor&SubcatId=HorizontalSheds&Prod_ID=RP091378 I'm not sure of the dimensions on ours, but it would definitely fit a bike with room to spare.
Love Mrs. Meyers geranium scent. I think it smells like I would imagine that June Cleaver's house smells like. The countertop spray really makes the house smell nice
Something that I did during one long trip was geared towards avoiding the endless "Are we there yet?" inquiries.  I think I may have even gotten the idea from MDC   I gave my stepdaughter ten tickets.  Then I divided the total mileage of our trip by ten, and every time we went that number of miles, she had to give me a ticket.  So she had a tangible way of seeing how far we had to go.   The last trip, I just used Google maps on my iPhone to show her where we were and...
It wasn't until I read this thread that I realized how much low-quality shopping I do!  I buy cheap clothes, cheap shoes, and cheap bags (but being vegan, it is hard to find a purse over $30.  All of those fancy brands like Coach involve leather).  I buy cheap food  whenever possible (can't afford organics), provided it meets my nutritional standards.   The few things I don't skimp on are:   *Kids clothes.  I buy on sale, but it tends to be nicer things.  The knees on Gap...
I do buy vegan sugar for home, but I don't worry about it when eating things made by others. I have heard that some municipal water systems use bone char to filter the water, so some animal products can be hard to totally avoid.
I am in need of a casserole or something to bring to Easter. It has to be something that would be able to act as a one-dish meal, maybe with a salad on the side. I was thinking about maybe a cheezy hashbrown broccoli sort of thing, but that sounds boring. Any ideas?
Yes. I'm okay with a little candy. We are almost done with Halloween candy (and we give all of the non-vegan candy away!), so we ate ready for a new influx.
  Yep.  Also, the thought of us paying for something that the company would cover would be enough to sway him.  DH never turns down "free" money!       That trip home would be hellish in our family.  Our kids are not car lovers.  DH would probably ask me to turn back around halfway through the ride home and he'd go back to his business trip.  
Such cute babies! Glad you are doing better and hope it improves even more!
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