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I would probably get a second opinion on this one.  Maybe something else is actually the problem?   Also,you could try adding things back in slowly, one thing at a time, to try to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem.  I'm not sure how your doctor could just point to all of those foods without putting you on an elimination diet - maybe it was just one or two things.
I walked into the cocktail area to see my stepdaughter's mom wrap her leg around my new husband, allegedly to demonstrate her most recent experience of smoking pot with one of her friends. That went over real well. I feel a little bad for DH now - she was drunk and he had no idea that she was going to do that! She then moved on to flirting with my (married) dad for the rest of the night. Very classy.
Mossimo tanks at Target are really long and run around $8. I wear one pretty much every day.
Just a quick update - the visit went great. The ladies were very nice, DS1 seemed to enjoy the visit, and I was able to get some helpful information about getting a referral for DS2 (he is 18 mo and only has a handful of words). They actually commented on how well-organized our place is. All-in-all, it was a success.
You all are all making me feel so much better! Honestly, it probably will help DS1 warm up to the teacher faster if he meets her again at home (he met her at the initial meeting). He can be shy in public at times, but on his own turf, he is much more animated. And yes, it is an early intervention thing. He has made great strides in less than a year, so I am glad that we had him evaluated. He really enjoyed speech therapy in the previous school district, so I am...
  This makes me feel a lot better.   I think I've read too many social services horror stories on MDC!  I am probably way too suspicious.
We recently moved.  DS1 had been receiving speech therapy through the school district we lived in, and we met with the people that he would now be working with.  The instructor said that they would be doing home visits this week, so she would like to drop by with his new IEP.  The previous school district did not do home visits.   1) I will ask her tomorrow why they do these - something about it feels weird or condescending - not sure why, but if anyone here has any...
I have to second this - she is great!
I wonder why this is.  What is it about American culture that makes this the norm?   We don't cosleep now (queen-sized bed plus rambunctious sleepers in the family = no sleep for anyone), but did when the boys were infants.  I did cosleep with my mom for a few years after my parents finally divorced (I was in high school) and it didn't seem weird at all.  It was comforting during times that were pretty tumultuous.
First thing I thought of when I saw the thread title was the "pot pot." If I knew how to do smilies on my phone, I'd use the little purple laughing guy.
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