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In our house, there are more pics up of DSD than DS, probably just because she's been on the planet longer so I've had more chances to snap good pictures of her. Also, I'm not that big on pictures of infants (I know, I'm a bad mommy ), so I have one of DS on his day of birth, then nothing until he is about 8 months old. I haven't gotten our wedding pics up (I'm a bad wife, too ), so we don't even have any of all four of us. The disparity of pics was so bad, I actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by pbjmama My ds has had http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20102451 bed since he was around 18 months, can't remember exactly. We have this bed, but without the bottom bed on it. DSD has been sleeping in the lofted part since she was almost 4 and we've had no problems. Once the new baby is ready for the crib (at least a year from now, I am guessing), we'll add the bottom bunk and move DS (who will be 3) into...
I, too, was really hoping to have a girl this time around. We are most likely done having kids, because DH has a DD and we will have two DSs between us. Although it is nice having a girl in the house, it is also a painful daily reminder that I will never have a daughter of my own.
I'd be excited to hear about anyone who figures it out! We go through at least two of the giant-sized jars/month.
I agree with Aricha. If a child's two houses have a good working relationship, being flexible is great. If not, just stick to the schedule. If one house has a problem with the schedule, they can revisit it formally through the courts. FYI, because I see that you are pretty new: The term "biomom" doesn't go over very well on this board. It's been hashed out to death, and the consensus seems to be to just say "DSS's mom."
No advice, but I'm sorry that the other house is trying to detract from this joyous occasion by being difficult. Congratulations :, and try to enjoy your babymoon despite their pettiness.
Quote: Originally Posted by BellaLuna Rayne Your DH has a right to request his daughters medical records. He might want to exercise it. I didn't even think of that! The insurance info would probably be on the first page! Another way to go about it (if you know what company she uses) would be to a) have your dh request cards directly from the company (he is the *parent* and they should be given to him) or to have the doctor's office call for...
1) What do you hope to do with your children once they are older? 2) Are you hoping for a 4th of July baby (it looks like you tend to give birth on holidays )?
I would be supremely annoyed if someone was making comments about what I was eating. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Quote: Originally Posted by JSMa So interesting... I called DSD's school just on a hunch to follow up with the lice issue... they said DSD is the first reported case that they never sent a notice home last week like DSD's Mom claimed. Why is she lying? And if she is lying about that, what else is she lying about? kwim? That seems like such a strange thing to make up. What would the point be?
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