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i've learned to say "she sleeps very well" to my MIL's questions about sleeping through the night (she is obsessed with this for some reason.) i don't like the talking that goes on behind my back so i try to keep it positive. i forget sometimes but i try.
interesting how different people's needs are :) we use ALL the blankets our LO got when she was born. we use 2 pack n plays (one in our room, one downstairs-she has brothers and a dog!) i'm a BIG stroller user (i use them til they die-one for shopping or little rips to the store and a jogging stroller for jogging, rough terrain and snow.) my hubby's the kid bather and he uses the baby tub. i love the change table. we took it out of the house for a while and i didn't like...
Lia at 4 months,15.5 pounds, 26 inches long playing in the exersaucer :)
the ones you put them inside and zip up and there arms go out the holes? i LOVE them. we just bought 2. our house is chilly but if she wakes up, she will throw her hands around and pull blankets up over her head. we put the sleep sack on her, zip a warm blanket inside and she's good to go! she's been sleeping better ever since. :)      
green poo can be overactive letdown if you're BFing. not sure about pumping. kellymom.com might help with that answer.   i can't wait to get to about 6 months to get past this infant stage. it's so hard on me. but at 6 months i want time to go slowly bc i know she's going to be so cute and fun.
true ^ i rarely use jeans on babies. they just don't look comfy.
might have to look into some other nipples. the Nuk ones we have seemed so great bc i thought maybe she can latch onto them like she does the breast. she didn't mind them at first. maybe we should've kept it up so she could get used to them but i didn't see the point in giving her a bottle when i could BF her....guess i see the point now. oops.
we don't have any overly pressing issues (except her gas, which i think i have to mention to my doc. i can feel it rumbling in her tummy) but HOW do i get her to take a bottle??? i pumped milk for her but she won't even take it then. she took bottles at first; she didn't take them very well but at least she would try and now she won't even try. i'd like the option of giving her a bottle now and then so i can leave her with my mom or with DH (he will keep her anyway; he...
http://thecarseatlady.blogspot.com/2011/01/bundle-me-everyone-uses-it-in-car-seat.html  <---- solution     
oh i do know one!! baby pants with feet! hate those things. so hard to put on and just awkward. i like regular ones and socks. no socks would be easier but her feet get cold really easily.
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