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The first batch of kefir, the whey had completely separated in less than 12 hrs. I halved the kefir grains, and made a good batch that took about 18 hours to make. This is my third batch. I'm using the exact same grains from the second batch. It's been 36 hours, and it still hasn't finished. We have no AC, and the highs around here have been in the low to middle 80s. It smells right, it's bubbly and thickening. It just isn't finished yet. Why is the time so long this time...
To be honest, my daughter thought of the diaper as a potty - if we just used diapers when she was out, she would soil diapers when we were out and be completely fine at home. For us, we just completely ditched the diapers. There were a few accidents, but it was short lived and then were completely done at 18 months.
My DD graduated at 18 months. She became a big sis at almost 3. After a year and a half of being completely done, she regressed, particularly around night-time. Not what you want to hear, huh?
I attended a Sudbury school for a couple of years, and then graduated. I was wondering if there are any others on this board who attended a Sudbury school who would like to chat?
My 3.5yo has become interested in writing her name, the name of family members, etc... I show her the "correct way" to write these things. She ends up with recognizable letters, but not made the "correct way." For example: When making an uppercase A, she draws an H and then uses another line to attach the two tops of the H to make an A, if that makes any sense. It obviously looks like an A, but it uses more lines than convention dictates. I don't really want to do some...
My daughter would cry and cry and cry in a church nursery. We ended up taking a break from attending. At 3yo, she cried once about the separation (for Sunday School), but said she wanted to go back. After that first initial time, she's always eagerly gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by meetoo I made the kids up a neat nature backpack for that. They loved it! I think it will become a permanent addition to our homeschool.l what was in it?
My husband didn't look at the expiration date of the milk, and now we have over a quart of sour milk. It's full fat and non-homogenized. Recipe ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by Momma Aimee jealous. at 3 my older son could not handle any "ordered" activity -- ve did lib gorup with a lot, a lot, of help. but walks are free. Park day with a local homeschool or LLL group. I agree I'd HAVE to get my 3 yo out of 700 sq feet jsut to use his / their bodies ....but it doesn't have to be a class unless you think it is worthwhile and she can handle it. Maybe I should clarify: park district...
Can we talk about overscheduling? how many activities do you all have your three year olds in? i don't think we'd do any if she were in pre-K, but with a 700 sq apartment, no yard, and four people living here, I'm tempted to sign her up for classes that get her body moving - but we've never done classes previously, and I'm worried about overdoing it.
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