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Quote: Originally Posted by proudmamanow Fwiw, I think public universal health insurance is the hallmark of a moral, caring society and as an outsider the debate going on in the US completely mystifies me. And I disagree. I do not want those people in charge of my healthcare. They have no business in it.
All four of mine went from my bed to a mattress on the floor, around 15 months or so. I started them out there at night, and that gave them the freedom to stay in there or come back into bed with us, any time they wanted for however long they wanted. Eventually, they all stopped coming in (sniffle). Yes, all four bypassed a crib here.
I'm not a good one for advice here, because I finally had to sever ALL ties with my mother. After two decades of her "advice" (most of which was blatantly wrong, some of which was wrong for ME), it got to the boiling point. I wrote "the letter" the PPs are talking about. It was wonderfully written, not acusatory, but simply stated the facts. And she went ballistic. I realized I had to "decompress" for hours after every visit with her. I realized I felt my...
My husband was admitted to the hospital the day I was leaving with my first baby. I popped in downstairs with an hours old infant to say goodbye, then came back every day for seven days. He had an infection so bad it almost killed him, but I was there every. single. day. with a baby that wasn't even a week old. I didn't even think twice about it. Take the babe. Like a PP said, they BOTH need you.
I think what *I* do IS normal, what THEY do is NOT. No doubt about it.
The government has ZERO business in MY business. They can't run what they already are in charge of. This angers me beyond everything else that *&#$* has done. I just hope impeachment starts soon.
Nothing. I've had babes that have slept thru from early on, and one babe that still wakes several times a night at 19 months. She's different, and normal. It's more normal for the babe to wake than not. And I don't for a minute believe all the "oh my baby slept in a crib and slept thru the night from week 2" stories. Nope, I certainly don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by swd12422 I generally don't even go over to him when it happens, unless he's hurt or scared, and then he comes and finds me if I don't see him first. Is it wrong of me to blow these incidents off? They don't seem to bother him, so I figure I shouldn't make them into a bigger deal than they are... Am I wrong? That's exactly what I do. It's normal behavior for any child to push or hit at some point, and to make it an...
If any of mine spoke at 10 months, I would've been freaked out. They NEVER had words that early. At 19 months, my daughter is just starting her language explosion. Before about 16 months, nada. Mama and dada, and "iwandat" (mama milk). Yup, babe's normal. Reason #472 to throw out milestone charts.
Quote: Originally Posted by laila2 jumped off a cliff would you follow? we care arnd worry about you I hated it when my mother (rarely) said that. Just like the whole "you'll break your neck" threat. Everything was jumping off a cliff or breaking your neck. These are two phrases I swore I would never say to my kids, LOL!
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