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Teach them how to get up and down safely. Our bed has steps to go up to it, it's extraordinarily high, and we've never had an issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Youngfrankenstein I took my 4 year old. Along with dh, and my 8 & 9 year old. She was pretty bored. She wasn't really watching it so much. LOL... my kids are horror movie freaks (Halloween is our favorite holiday - do you know how hard it is to find zombie costumes for babies??)... Harry Potter would look like CareBears to them! Stephen King shot his first 8mm film at the age of 7, I believe... if one of my kids...
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g Good Luck. I tried (unknowingly before i read enough here at MDC) when my child was about 3 weeks, and it didn't do squat! If you wake them to eat, they just fall asleep at the breast. My advice, try like heck to work with baby's schedule, because they already have one of their own. It might be eating every 45 minutes for the next month, or it might be sleeping 8 hours a night. And if you don't already know, 4 month...
I don't take them up until I go when they're very very young, and then when they're old enough to learn to crawl down (backwards, onto the steps like they learn the stairs), they are on their own up there. Usually around 6-8 months they can easily get up and down without help. And we have had a fall here or there - I can count on one hand how many times, and it's okay. It happens. You can't be there every second!
ABSOLUTELY! As a matter of fact, I like to bring it up because we know people with young babies and I want them to know what the safest, best way is to have a baby sleep. I want everyone to know what a wonderful thing the family bed is! And I've never gotten any flack for it, at least not to my face! That being said, I've had a family bed so long (16 years was the first time) that most everyone knows it anyways, and would never say anything negative - especially since...
My bed is so high I need steps to get up on it. SIDS has nothing to do with your pillows. I've co-slept with four babies and have never moved them to the floor.
4 babies and I've never had one.
We're the ones that let our kids do all the things that your kids are always talking about wanting to do. LOL! Sorry... just had to interject that...
We call it allowance, they get it for chores, and they get to do with it whatever they want. They can spend every dime, save every dime, give every dime away. It's not for me to say what they do with their moolah.
All of mine moved to a mattress on the floor around 14-16 months, so they could choose to stay in their own bed or come back to ours. By two, they had about 30 stuffed animals, 10 blankets, and 8 pillows on that thing, and to this day it looks more comfortable than my own bed! I can't imagine any real "safety" concerns at 2, frankly.
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