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This is making me think an unassisted is the choice for my next one. Hey, Frankenstein - I've had four kids... I'll come over and help you deliver!
I pulled the older ones aside when they asked. And I can tell you - they have MORE fun now being "part of" Santa every year with the girls. They are more enthusiastic than even I am about writing the letters and staging the scenes... they have a ball!
All day long. I have no idea how many ounces or how many cups. I don't track it, but I know she drinks it alllll day, good ol' healthy cow's milk.
[quote=HappilyEvrAfter;14195822]so much can happen in the blink of an eye (even on a mil base). [quote] I just wanted to toss this out there - statistically speaking, strangers are the good guys. Harm to children happens with Uncle Bob, not the guy down the street... The world would be such a happier place if we all waved and said hello to the stranger on the street! He's not to be feared.
I'm a photographer, and I NEVER "pose" my clients. A good photographer should snap dozens and dozens of photos and grab the ones that most reflect your child's personality. And I can assure you it won't be with him sitting still, hands folded on his lap, and grinning at the camera! Let your photog do his job and don't worry about the pose - I'll bet they'll be fantastic!
I firmly believe in the insert or cover for the big potty. They learn one place, not the living room, and I don't have to clean a pot full of poo or pee; no transitioning, nothing. They learn to head to the potty when theyr'e ready. I don't mind public restrooms at all, I don't carry a potty with me. I love mine - it has steps up, with handles, and folds nicely to the side when not in use.
I still have two believers in our house, but the older two are not. We always go out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve (those restaurants are CROWDED, I tell ya!) and watch movies when we get home. I get up early Christmas morning and make a huge breakfast, and the kids get to open their stockings while I'm preparing. Then we eat, and open the rest... the remainder of the day is spent together just, well, being together. I guess the only "tradition" is the eating out...
How does an organization like Choice Midwives in Columbus Ohio practice then? They certainly don't just do hospitals. They even have a "home birth evaluation" page on their site. I was researching this group to deliver #5 if God grants me another... http://www.choicemidwives.org/?page_id=10 ??
Quote: Originally Posted by H & J's Mom Just a thought, it sounds like you and his dad are not together ... would his dad having full custody be an option? There are lots of amazing dads out there being the primary care giver. This would be my advice. It doesn't mean you failed. My sister had two children raised by their dad because she simply wasn't cut out for the day-to-day childrearing responsibilities, and her daughters were raised to...
When they're under a couple months old, I bite them off. Otherwise, I try to get them while they're nursing, if not, then I hogtie them.
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