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Thanks so much! Off to check out the links!
So, girls thrive in acidic environments and boy sperm in alkaline? And dairy is an acidic food? What about meat products? Salt? Are veggies acidic or alkaline? Guess I'm full of questions! :-)
My dd (9 months) nurses every 2 hours/day (about 6 -8 times) and then twice at night.
They say it has something to do with cervical mucous--the thicker the mucuous, the harder it is for the boy sperms to swim fast (since theya re supposedly faster).
A friend of mine and I were having a debate about what influences gender. She says that vegans tend to have boys, and that mamas who consume a lot of dairy have girls. What do you think?
Hi there! I want to make a change and start eating only a vegan diet. I am overweight, sick, and tired of the way I have been eating--and I want a radical life change that will make me healthy and will restore my body to a good, healthy, ideal weight. I have been reading the book "eat to live" which advocates a vegan diet. I am ready to do this- problem is I don't know where to begin. I am currently EBF'ing my 9 month old daughter. She is very well-fed (23...
Just found my ideal weight in the book- he says 119. I would love that- but wow, that's skinny (for me)!
I just got the book from the library- I am on board. I will be travelling for the next two weeks, so I will probably officially start when I get back. But thil then, I will be incorporating his ideas into my diet. Baby steps. I am currently 157 pounds and would like to be 120-125. Where can I find out what the "ideal Fuhrman weight" is? Also, I haven't read the whole book yet-- (I have a 9 month old baby who keeps me pretty busy!)- is the plan mostly vegan, or can...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kailey's mom Thanks and sorry for the misinterpretation, I'm just sad about the whole not being able to bf thing and get pretty emotional: , sorry!!! I think people can tell you love your daughter- being BF or FF has nothing to do with how snuggly or how beautiful a baby's skin is. My baby is EBF- she is perfect to me- but would be no less perfect if I FF her. Go easy on yourself, mama- we all do our best here. ...
Thanks so much- I just got back from the visit and it was really a phenomenal visit- such a breath of fresh air. He spent almost 2 hours talking to me-- and was so open about everything. We discussed vaccinations and it was a no-pressure situation. He definitely respected my decision not to vax, and just said that the door is open in the future if I change my mind and that they can order vax individually (not combined), and that of course, they are all preservative-free...
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