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I'm so sorry for your loss. Would it help you heal a celebrate if you add your mother's name to your child's name? I just lost my father, but he was able to meet and spend time with my boys, what upsets me the most is that my 2 year old won't remember him. I'll be sending smooth labor and emotional healing vibes your way. *hug*
I'm so very sorry for all of your losses, Sol. I have no books, or words of advice, just a deep sympathy and understanding of what you are going through. I had three big losses in January. My father passed unexpectedly on the 3rd, an old friend on the 4th, and a woman who had been like a second mother to me on the 26th. I'm still trying to process and come to terms with all the changes my life has taken in the last month. I wish I knew what to say that would help make it...
I am so so very sorry for your loss. I know there are no words to make any of this easier on you or your family. Lots of love and virtual hugs are coming your way. <3
I just can't make my brain comprehend this. I posted on my blog about what happened. It was totally unexpected and it caught us all by surprise. My blog is here, if I can't post this here I'll take it out. I've been in tears all day. I just don't know what to do or how to begin coping and healing.
Maybe they're sick of people "stealing" their internet? My friend lives in a house with 8 other people and they were using a neighbors wireless connection until one day they went to log on and the name of the connection had been changed to "Not for Neighbors" and the password had been changed.
The worst thing that has ever been said to me was when I was struggling to get pregnant with ds2 and a friend of mine had just found out she was pregnant, I was at work and feeling pretty good about how I looked (wearing a nice sweater and skirt) and one of my coworkers turns to me and asked if I was pregnant. I really had to fight to not cry. The best things that have ever been said to me are when people tell me how adorable my boys are, and when I get complemented on...
Would I? Probably not. Though, I believe that if you work hard to loose weight and you have all that extra skin that won't go anywhere, you're not going to feel the best about yourself. In cases such as that, I totally agree with the plastic surgery option.
I don't have any pictures yet, but should have some tomorrow night. My 9 year old is going as a Deatheater (from Harry Potter) and the 2 year old is going as Chewbacca (from Star Wars)
Quote: Originally Posted by doubledutch gina, i completely bought jeggings last night. i broke my "never shop in the juniors department" rule to do so - but they are so freaking cute! and comfy! i had this $70 jc penney card from returning some random shiz (yes i will borrow that word from you tyvm) that mil had given stbx and he ditched in our basement because it was fugly. i never shop there. however, free money AND huge sale plus awesome fashion...
I voted "other" I think it's important that kids be able to read them. I've never been able to, no matter how hard I try. I can never remember which is the hour hand and which is the minute hand. I'm glad ds1 is able to read them. I've never understood why my brain has such a hard time with them, but it does and I've always felt embarrassed by my inability to read them.
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