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Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g So Im killing some time, and was thinking about the thread where the OP is super pregnant and some inconsiderate driver parked like they owned two spots. So im wondering. 1.)if you see someone parked really strangely, do you avoid being parked next to them and find another spot? So you don’t inadvertently cause the above situation. 2.)If someone parks next to you like that, how hard to you have to fight the...
Quote: Originally Posted by St. Margaret Elizabeth, YOU are super cute! I love your hair and smile and eyes You look cool and friendly. You know what the number one thing for me is, regarding feeling fashionable? Just walking with confidence. Aww, thanks! Bolding mine. I have found that to be true. Having pink hair doesn't work out at all if you're worried about how it looks. I wear my pink hair proudly. I have toned down my wardrobe a...
I wouldn't say I'm a fashionista (probably more like the opposite) I march to the beat of my own drummer. Thisis what I wore today to look sorta professional when I met with a client about her wedding. I live in dresses like this in the summer. When I'm around the house I wear a tank top and shorts. If I'm going out and about in colder weather, I'll generally wear jeans and a tee shirt or sweater depending on how cold it is.
I would suggest something like this. Anything that has the gathers on the side will look slimming.
Mine are: Reading Photography Makeup (I love the stuff!)
Last month, a friend had her baby and another person on my Facebook friend list lost her grandmother. Yesterday, a good friend had her baby and another good friend lost her father. It's been a crazy mix of emotions, I'm so happy for my friend (who had an unmedicated VBAC!!) and so sad for my friend who lost her father. He had been sick for quite some time, had gotten a liver transplant and the passed shortly after due to complications.
Quote: Originally Posted by chel i did learn to cut with right-handed scissors in my left hand. i can't use left-handed scissors to save my life. I do this! I got into an argument with my fil about being able to cut with right handed scissors on the left hand. He was trying to tell me it couldn't be done. He had a stroke and is now a leftie after being right handed most of his life.
I'm a leftie and do everything with possible with my left hand. I use regular scissors on my left hand, I move the mouse on the computer over to use with my left hand, I do any pouring and measuring while cooking left handed. I even noticed while ds2 was nursing that I produced milk better on my left side. I sleep on my left side. Ds1 is right handed and ds2 seems like he's going to be left handed. The only real annoyance would be spiral bound notebooks. I've hated...
Happy birthday to your mom!! My papaw turned 90 on Sept 13. He's the most amazing and interesting man I know.
I posted in the other thread because I didn't see this one. Meet my oldest, Taco Bell Chinese Food My youngest, Cranberry Olive Pickle Blackberry
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