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Both of mine would be nameless. If I'd named them after what I was craving.... that's a different story. Then I'd have Taco Bell Chinese Food, and Cranberry Juice Olive Pickle.
I forgot, I have a friend who's last name is Wild. When she got married her hubby took her name instead of the other way around
I feel you on the unruly long last name! Dh's last name is 12 letters long, coupled with my 9 letter first name, it fits on nothing. Poor ds2 will have trouble fitting his full name on anything, his name totals 28 letters! I know a woman who's last name is Dragon, and after she got married she hyphenated her name because her parents had two girls and she wanted to be able to continue the last name. I don't blame her, I probably wouldn't have changed it if it were my...
Ds2 gave up his naps earlier this week. It had become a process of the nap coming later and later in the day (trying to set a nap time for him is a nightmare, he'll scream and thrash if he's not ready to sleep) and finally he just seemed to stop napping, but is going to bed earlier (a bit of a relief)
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering It was positive, by the way. Congrats!
I still has ds1's first hair cut. I just put it into a plastic sandwich bag and taped it shut with the date on it. I'll probably do the same thing with ds2 when he finally gets a hair cut (when he's 5 or so )
Quote: Originally Posted by Italiamom 4. No help with the names. It took DH and I three days AFTER DS was born to name him. And he was my own flesh and blood I was freaking out at dh when I was pregnant with ds2 because I was 8 months pregnant and we still hadn't picked out a name (names were the only real crazy pregnant lady thing I did)
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering Logan's mommy: Okay, ow! You're just planning to take a HPT? Yep, next time I go grocery shopping, if I can make myself wait that long.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering Also, maybe I'm getting the geography wrong, but wouldn't you... ah... notice if your Mirena had fallen out? You mean out, out? Or... elsewhere, out? *blinks* A few months ago had some killer cramps, and felt like the Mirena was scraping me (like inside, didn't feel good at all) and now I can't feel the string thing any more. I don't want to go to the OB because the procedure to get it put in hurt so...
I know nothing about physics, so I can't help you there. I'd imagine women have had morning sickness for as long as they've been having babies. I honestly never read any Jane Austin I have no good baby names, sorry. What type of vampire are we talking about? Twilight vamps I could pass on, but give me Eric from True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse novels and I'm all over that one I don't know that I'm smart enough for a Vulcan, but if it was Zachary Quinto as...
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