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I don't use the library because the county/city has closed all but the main branch and it's about a 20 minute drive. Plus, I don't have a very wide range of reading habits (until recently, I only really read books by one author) and I already own pretty much all the books that I feel I want to read. Also, dragging the kiddos to the quiet library makes me cringe.
The bugs don't bother me as much as, say, the bat does.
Quote: Originally Posted by amyjeans read upside down like normal. I forgot I can do this, too! I can also write backwards and upsidedown in cursive.
Quote: Originally Posted by odenata I saw a special on the BBC about women who are obsessed with reborn dolls and push them around in prams and such (Here's a clip). Also one woman who had one made to look like her baby who had died. If it helps people cope, I don't ever criticize anyone's grieving process. But the dolls do creep me out. My aunt was/is a bit obsessed with those dolls. After ds1 was born, she came over to see him and brought...
Photography and photo manipulation. I honestly think that just about anyone can be a good photographer, if the have the right camera in their hands, but Photoshopping a picture is a whole different story
I say weird things all the time and frequently make up my own words. One of my favorite made up words is "crampupedness" It's often used to describe the the front seat of my car.
He's not happy in this picture, but here's my long haired toddler. He always gets confused for a girl, even if he wears something all blue and says "Prince Charming" We just tuck his hair behind his ear when he eats. I don't get annoyed with him being called a girl anymore, because it's just natural (sadly) for people to see a child with long hair and assume it's a girl. I just correct or call him by his name (Desmond, which doesn't always work, people will sometimes...
I wear a size 11, so I'm right there with you! I hate it!
I've been trying to find something to fill my LOST gap (also missing from my happy little fall lineup- Heroes.) Fringe is very good, from what I've seen. Dh and I are always a season behind because we watch it on DVD. We've seen all of the first season and none of the second yet.
I'm guessing (based on how I've seen other dresses fit little girls) that while it may look low cut, it won't actually be very low once she has it on. And, as pp have said, if you find it to be too low for your liking, shortening the straps shouldn't take long at all.
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