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This is the best I could find.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cascadian - child left in car for more than 10 min (I stood and waited before I called) I did this once when I worked at a pharmacy. A woman and her bf/dh came in and were buying Sudefed and had locked their baby (like 9 months old) in the car, in November, at night. Our local police were in no hurry to get out there and unlock the car. I was appalled the mom remembered to get her cigarettes but not her baby. I guess...
I've called twice. Once was before dh and I had gotten married, we had a flat tire and he was working on putting on the doughnut and a man popped a wheelie on his motorcycle and flipped it. The other time was when ds1 had said he would be at his friends house (half a block away) and it was starting to get dark and he hadn't come home. I went down to his friend's house to get him and he wasn't there. I didn't know where he was and I freaked out and called 911. We...
We're having the same issue here. Ds2 will be 2 next month and he takes around a two hour nap every afternoon, but the time isn't predictable. Then he's up until 2am. Ugh. We skipped the nap one day, just to see if it would help him go to bed better at night. Around 8pm he started getting sleepy, but I knew that if I let him sleep then that he would wake around midnight and be up until 5am. So, we got a bath, had a snack, did stuff to try to keep him up until around...
We used these when we had a mouse problem a few years ago. These were less messy and easier for me to handle.
We get asked why we don't cut ds2's hair all the time. He's almost 2 and has shoulder length curly blond hair and gets confused for a girl all the time. We just tell people we like his hair too much to cut it. I think you've gotten great advice from other posters. Congrats!
Me! But only my scabs and zits. Except for the time I took dh's stitches out of his hand when he sliced it open doing dishes.
I say 27-32.
Oooh! I wanna play! Here I am after redying my hair and painting the bathroom. It's my Facebook profile picture
Quote: Originally Posted by meemee Dear Mama Love, I dont know what to say. I keep coming back to my computer and reading your email you sent a week ago and I keep crying as I read your words, but i dont know what to say. I have been so ingrained by society that i SHOULD be able to jump in and fix things, that when its time for me to just be there i dont know how to do it. your pain lives with me everyday. and i so want to DO something, but i dont...
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