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Go with your instinct. Never be alone with him and if you need to call him out on his behavior, tell him he's acting really weird and ask what's going on. Either he'll come out with it or deny it but at least it puts him on notice that you are not liking this attention.
Wild.  and weird. 
We had chosen the first name Ocean for our ds when I was 4 mo preg but had no middle name. When he was born and told everyone we needed help with a middle name the two suggestions thst stood out were Blu and Ray. His eyes were grey at birth so we went with Ocean Grey. 
I shudder to think of her waking up and crying herself into a frenzy. Ugh. Sickening. Calling the police was your only option. 
What is the process if I want my son to be with other kids to develop antibodies to what they have? Does that make sense? If a kid was recently vaxed for something and my kid rubs up against them for a little while, will he get sick with their strain and develop antibodies? Are there some dangers and precautions that should be taken? My ds was bf for 4 yrs and rarely gets sick. Any suggestions or ideas?
My son is 4 and like all kids, he goes through phases. My rule of thumb is not to take things day by day. I take it week by week. If he had a good enough variety of food over the last week, I'll let him slide on a meal. I dont often offer alternatives. If he doesnt want dinner, that's fine, but if he gets hungry, I will reheat. About a month ago, he told me he wants to be a chef. Now, if he doesnt want to try something, I'll tell him that a chef always tastes new things...
I didn't vax and I wanted to bf as long as possible to help with immunity so he is just about done with bf and he is now 4. So yes, I went long for health sake. 50 months. 
My son is 4 and rarely gets sick. He had an ear infection when he was getting his teeth in and sniffles here and there. He was EBF for 6 months and extended bf until about two months ago. No vax's. 
It might sound partial because I am a Jehovah's Witness, but why dont you study with the witnesses again? the "ring of truth" is there and lots of research to come to truthful answers.  
I'm sorry I dont have too much to add but I wanted to send  to you because you are doing the hardest job in the world everyday all day with so much love and dedication. Hugs and support to you. 
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