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I just called the venue and no ticket is needed for dc. My mom is going with me along with 2 other ladies that adore the baby so I will not be short on help. This will not be his first concert though. I was dragged to a Ricky Martin concert before I knew I was pregnant (he was not that bad.) Then when I was 6 months preggers I went to see Dave Mathews...he was great. The Pektors are on order. I hope I get them by Thursday. Thanks for all your help so far.
I would appreciate some thoughts and experiences. I intend to go to a Josh Groban concert with my infant ds. Do you buy a ticket if they are not taking up a seat? I intend to wear him the whole time. I will be on the second level of the wachovia Center in Philly...should I be concerned about the noise level? Ocean is 4 months old and ebf'ing and a pretty mellow kid. What am I not thinking about?
OK...this is really weird. Blood has been in his diaper every Thursday for the last three Thursdays. Only one diaper per day only once per week. I have been having dairy since he was born (before) and I have been backing off the dairy this week and having soy and that is the only real change in my diet. Today he cried when I took him to EC. Not quite sure what is going on.: Any clues?
Thanks for all the ideas...no vaccs yet...I think I'll be delaying those for as long as possible. As for dairy, I have cut out the majority of my dairy consumption, but I think I'll have to dig deeper than milk, cheese and ice cream. The blood was a bright red both times but he is really not fussy until he's hungry wet or gassy. About the elimination diet...any links where I can read up on it? Thanks all. : Loving mom of Ocean.
My ds is 3 months and I have been starting to EC for about 4 weeks. It has been going soooo well and there is a celebration everytime I catch anything and he smiles and coos as I shower him with kisses. He is EBF and his BMs are very loose and watery. Last week, he pooped in the sink and I noticed a trace of blood. I called his ped. and she said to keep an eye on it and call back if it happens again. It didn't until yesterday when I noticed blood again...a little bit more...
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