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So... Ds will be 3 at the end of this month (10/09) and until now, we have been happily co-sleeping and nursing through the night. A few weeks ago, my nephew "A" slept over and we drapped the futon into my bedroom so he wouldn't be nervous about sleeping alone (he's 10). The next day "A" went to his house and ds wanted to take a nap on "A's" bed. Then he wanted to sleep there that night and that continued on for a week. I thought maybe he was ready to sleep on his own. . ...
My ds also had a problem with them. When we moved into our house, we didnt have any idea about how to work the think or even how to turn it off when it started sounding and the first time it went off, he went ballistic. I had a pair of ear mufflers that I had bought for him for a concert so the next time it went off (burned dinner) I ran for the ear mufflers and he was calmer and now if it ever goes off he runs for them himself and stays in his room till I can turn it off....
I am with the pp who wondered who wouldn't let their kiddos play in the rain. It would be cruel and unusual to deny that pleasure. Un/fortunately, I have hardwood floors no matter what door you come in to my house, but my house isn't the exactly pristine anyway so why worry.
Ds mispronounces a lot of stuff. Supermarket is sookermarket, the Commander I drive is the "Panander" and the wave pool at Dorney Park (local amusement park) is "bumpy water". We just went to the beach last weekend for the first time and now the ocean is bumpy water.
I remember my grandmother didn't like me and when she came over to watch us when my little brother was being born I got in her overnight bag and squeezed out all her toothpaste. I turned around and saw her standing in the door watching me and I thought "oh no! I'm caught." I was five.
My 2 3/4 year old son keeps saying "I can't". He just started about a week ago and he says it about things he has done already? I try to reassure him telling him "remember you did this yesterday?" but he keeps insisting "I can't I can't I can't". Those words make my skin crawl. I sometimes say "Just try" "I'll help you" or "we can do it together" but most times he refuses. How can I encourage and help him feel more capable of the "impossible"?
This is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing and congratulations.
I also nip. My ds is 2 3/4 and we were just at Dorney Park (an amusement Park in Allentown PA). He was verbal about wanting "milkies" and I am more than happy to oblige. I saw a woman that just got off a ride and she noticed me from about 40 yards away and I actually saw her point at me to her friend and continue to "whisper" and stare me down. It's hard not to feel like a public spectacle as discreet as you may try to be. I just stared right back at her and felt self...
I get so frustrated when ds is not in sleep mode when I am ready for him to be in sleep mode. I refuse to fight about it. If I am nursing him to sleep and an hour later he is still using me as a jungle gym, I an I am at my wits end, I just get up and say... ok, you are not ready to nap. Let's color. He'll still go to sleep at his normal time, but I feel it will all equal out in the end and he'll be fine.
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