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Tallulah Blair Dinah Elise flower audry Gail Harlow iris jade kitty caliopy lucy misty Nola orquid precious Ashley quest rhianna story uvie viola west xylie Yasmin zinnia don't forget to come back and tell us which one you chose
I agree with all pp. If they have enough money to go out on the town and drink, let them budget in a couple of bucks for a babysitter. I agree that you will see less of them the more you create boundries.
I wanted to get an idea of what other kids do/say/imitate after reading books. For example, I read "How do dinosaurs clean their rooms" and the one line says the dinosaurs put their cars neatly in rows. Ever since then, ds has lined up his cars just like in the book. Dh bought him goggles for swimming and he calls them goo goo goggles like in Dr. Seuss' ABC book. I thought othersight have a story to share.
My nursling co-sleeps and is still nursing at lease twice per night and he is 32 months. I dont fully wake, but I am aware. Not sure how long this is going to last.
Dr. Tayyaba Jan on Tilghman Street in Allentown (right next to Rt 100) is also great. She is pro bf and extended bf, co-sleeping baby wearing and totally with parents who do or dont want to vax.
How about a really great avocado dip?
If the worst opposition I had was my mother, I'd be happy, but my husband is the biggest naysayer. Ds is 2.5 and I was not planning on sending him to pre-K so I thought I'd take advantage of that year, but does anyone deal with an opposing spouse?
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. Thank you also for the many links you have shown because i am going to print them out and show my neuro. I am sorry if I stirred up controversy. I can see the take care of myself for my child point of veiw absolutely. Some background on me: six years ago while under an extreme amount of emotional stress, I started experiencing tremors on the left side of my body. After an MRI, the neuro saw "spots" on my brain and after...
My nursling is 2yr 4mo and is a constant booby hog. Morning noon night midnight and on and on. I love it because he is an independent little guy and is not a big cuddler except for when he says "Mommy I want milkies please". Well Tues Feb 3, I had an apt scheduled w/my neurologist. She said after looking at my MRIs, I had MS. I was shocked and asked questions and I was ok mentally because I always thought good health could be gone at any time, so be prepared. Then she...
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