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Memorial in my neck of the woods was great. I dont know what the count was but definately a full house. People we haven't seen in ages (of at least since last year). My husband went (non JW) and I invited my SIL and she came with her daughter. Sadly after it was over and people were in the parking lot there was a small incident. There were so many cars in the parking lot it was going to be a while till we got out but as I am walking to my car I see a well dressed woman I...
Quote: Originally Posted by limabean My SIL is JW, and I have some really stupid questions about it that I'm embarassed to ask her, since it's such a personal subject. Is there anyone here who would be willing to answer some questions for me, hopefully without getting offended? Also, are there any neutral, informative books about JW out there? All I've been able to find so far are Watchtower publications and anti-JW stuff -- is there anything in...
That would make me want to . So frustrating. Hope you ind a solution ASAP.
We did soft chunks of avocado at six months and I hand expressed bm into it. We never did cereal but when he was a bit older (1yr?) we gave him some oatmeal in the mornings.
I read something that said crawling helps strengthen hand muscles so that when it comes to learning to write kids that crawled were able to better maneuver a crayon or pencil than non-crawlers. I didnt model crawling but my dh did it with his neices and nephews so he thought he'd help our lo way before he was even ready to start crawling. I just figured he'd figure it out on his own even if I didn't model it.
Just wanted to thank you all for the warning. In my case, I think that the reaction I has will help or hinder the "stop time". Just knowing this is a possible thing my ds could do helps me prepare my brain for when I see it.
Quote: Originally Posted by gabysmom617 Thanks for those suggestions. I forgot to add that my son is 2.5. I have taken all kinds of quiet or squishy toys and books for my 1 year old and as long as it keeps him quiet, I am happy. 1 or 2 hrs is a lot to ask from a little one that I am for the rest of the day telling him play! run! jump! sing!. It's hard when it's your dad but I whisper to my dad "Oh...I let him play with toys because it keeps him...
I agree with pp. Mil may be totally oblivious there was a problem. Dont send the letter as is. Maybe you can keep writing letters getting everything out until its out of your system. If when she visits again the same thing happens toucan sit down for a face to face. Mama bear is for protecting baby so dont feel bad about pulling the claws out.
how about putting some diredtly on your nipple? I have read you can do that.
I waited till ds was 3 months old and I wish I had taken him sooner. One session and he was spitting up less and no more hiccupping after 3 months of daily hiccupping.
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