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www.nosefrida.com. I loved this thing compared to other aspirators.
A friend of mine recently saw me playing with my 15 month old son and said "Awwww... You probably can't imagine your life without him" and I thought... What a stupid thing to say and when I told him "Of course I can imagine my life without him. I've only known him for 15 months" he looked at me like I had 3 heads. My husband is the one who wanted kids and I acquiesed (sp?) in spite of knowing that I would be doing the lion(esses) share of the work involved. I had no desire...
I am taking notes. I usually put vaseline when I take him out on a windy day at my mothers suggestion but I am not crazy about putting that on his face either.
I saw a pic of Maggie Gyllenhall (sp?) nip and the baby was attached but pulling her nipple as if he were turning his head and it was the cutesy sweetest picture. It made me love her because she was oblivious to the cameras and out there with her nursling. I wish I still had that link.
I'd let her try it too. She might try once and not like the taste and be done with it. The only thing I'd be afraid of is the biting. She might not remember how to nurse. Hope it goes well.
I would pack them all up except for their three favorite and re-introduce them by swapping them out. They might not even miss them but if they ask for a particular toy by name, I'd get it out IMHO.
Yup... laundry holder. I didn't want to get one but hubby is not AP so he is baffled at why the baby is still sleeping in out bed at 14 mo when there is a perfectly good crib in the next room. I feel a teeny bit bad because before my fil died, he said told his wife he wanted to buy the crib and then he passed away very suddenly so she bought the crib for him. I got a bed that converts to a full size so he will eventually use it. When he's ready.
THis is a challenge. Although it would be a hardship for your mom, that would be my first choice. Then again, I am surprised at how my dh wakes up (after about 30 seconds of crying) when I tested him to see what he would do if I didn't respond to ds immediately. Dh is 6 ft and over 350 lbs and we co-sleep, but ds stays on the safe side of me. 30 seconds is a long time for me because I always respond immediately but at least I know he will wake up. I say try a test run with...
Allentown PA here.
Hi everyone!!!! My name is Eunice Matos and I am in Allentown PA. I have 1 little boy who is 14 months old right now (Ocean). I am married to a non-witness although I was raises in the Truth and was baptized 15 years ago. I am glad to finally find some sisters on this site. I am surrounded by mainstreamers. My hall has been in the midst of a baby boom for the last 6 years. Although I was not interested in having babies, my husband was so I gave him a little mini-me but I...
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