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Thanks, PatioGardener--that's encouraging!   Once we get through the night we'll have to deal with trying to get him not to crawl all over my healing pelvis...but, one thing at a time, eh?
Oooh, I'll be trying "listen and do" come tomorrow.  Thank you!   As for do over--yes, I often say "Let's try that again" and pretend I did not hear the obnoxious insulting response to my humble request.  Ugh.   Thanks mamas. 
...and tethering my bladder (which is currently falling out, stage 4 cystocele and a fallen uterus) to my cervix, and the base of my spine.    Anyone had this done?
DS turns two in 10 days, so it's not like he needs the milk to survive.  But the poor dude nurses a lot.  Nurses to sleep, and in the middle of the night, and in the morn and throughout the day.   I'm having surgery in 2 weeks.  I'll be away from him overnight, and he won't be able to nurse for 24 hours.   Has anyone BTDT?  Any advice?   Thanks mamas.  xo
I find a HUGE descrepency in kids shoe sizes even in the same brand.  My dd has two pairs of sneakers by the same make.  One is almost too small, one way to big.  Huh?   Shoe sizes for toddlers are hard to keep up with.  It sounds from her complaints (and their disappearance with the right shoes) that her boots were indeed too small.   Momma, lots of us have done this.  She will be just fine.  If you're still worried, go to another podiatrist to see if therapy is...
DD is excellently behaved at school (full day kindy.)  But she is so SO disrespectful to me, and sometimes to her father.  She turned 6 the other day.   I know full day school is exhausting, and I try hard to meet her needs by not overscheduling, giving her one on one time and a snack and water right after school etc.  However.  The simplest tasks require me asking/telling umpteen times, with me getting more frustrated along the way.  This is for everything, but...
Pricey but awesome.  This fall they'll start with 4&5 year olds.  Then through 2nd grade for 2013/14, eventually through 8th.   www.themanitouschool.org
Cold Spring NY fits your description pretty well.  And it's right on the train line.  70 minutes to Grand Central.   Best wishes!
In-state there should not be any difference, in theory.  But it's like anything else: it just depends who the individual is whose job it is to decide.   However.  I don't think you'll have any problem with a straight-up religious exemption as long as you are consistently no-vax.  I am in Cold Spring and there are many non-vax families in the public school.  They're used to it.   Best wishes for an easy move, no problems with this issue, and a happy settling in.
It's in Cold Spring NOW (my friend just found her sons first spots TODAY) and will be around here in a fortnight too as lots of folks are exposing.  I'll be offline for a week (www.screenfree.org).  Go to the Chicken Pox Parties NY Metro Area site on fb.  If you're not on fb call me 845 265 3969.  I'll help.
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