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When we lived in Mahwah (in 2007) we used Dr Shor, a nice Russian woman. She was fine with our choice to do delayed/selective vax. She may not agree with non-vax but I don't think she'd turn you away. In the 9 months we lived there we found her happily holistic: she recommended garlic oil instead of antibiotics for an ear infection, reminded me to cook the peels of the organic veggies we grow, recommended homeopathic supplements to improve immunity when we did...
PS--If you need a hospital birth, I've heard that Good Samaritan (in Suffern) is quite good. They have midwives, waterbirths, VBAC. This is what I've been told, so I am not certain.
Hi there. I lived in Mahwah, NJ (a couple of miles South of Suffern) for 9 months, and my in-laws live near there (Ramsey NJ). I think the train ride to NYC takes about 40 minutes, with one switch (Secaucus, or however that's spelled). But I never did it myself. There is a Waldorf school nearby in Chestnut Ridge (I forget the name of it, but it's affiliated with the Pfeiffer Center--a neat bio-dynamic farm, and Hungry Hollow Co-op, a great nat foods store.) There...
Just another vote for Riverside Peds in Croton-on-Hudson. We're in Cold Spring and drive 30 minutes. Worth it! We see Dr Baskind. I've heard Cowan is great too. Have heard less favorable reports of the Odells (husband and wife both practice there), though nothing specific. Welcome and best wishes!
So...We drove 3 hours to attend a pox party last weekend (happened to be near my parents). So we'll see! I'll post here if we get 'em...could be a week or two from now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thank you Jodi!!! I am sort of e-ignorant...I don't know how to reply off-list. So I am going to be stupid and post my email here: Please email me at pchamsia@yahoo.com. I will come over with my 2 1/2 year old as soon as you're able to host me. We'll bring some goodies from the organic farm where we live. Thank you thank you thank you! -Carolyn
Hi there. I am in the lower Hudson Valley (Cold Spring NY), with places to stay throughout NY, NJ, PA. If anyone knows of anyone in these states who has chicken pox, or knows someone who does, please let me know! It's only contagious for a brief while, so please do be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks so much!
I have found elderberry syrup (sombucol, get it at any health food store) to be really effective. I give my 2-year-old a teaspoon or two a day, and I take that or more. We also take cod liver oil (lemon flavor, really not bad!) daily. The elderberry truly seems to help us ward things off when they start coming. We are now drinking elderberry tea every day too. You're in NJ...please, please let me know if you know of anyone with chicken pox! Thanks so much!
Hi there. I am in Cold Spring NY (lower Hudson Valley) and will happily travel to NJ, PA in order to expose my child to chicken pox. If you know of anyone who has had chicken pox recently, please let me know as soon as you possibly can! Thank you!
Hi there. Anyone know of anyone with the chicken pox? If so please let me know right away, as it's not contagious for long. I am in the Hudson Valley, but have relatives in PA and NJ and am willing to travel. Thank you!!! -Carolyn
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