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Report it to the school immediately.
Thank you Bygones 75!!!  Such fun, and here's hoping for a poxing!
That's what my dd has: photo in her med record.  And on any vax questionairres I --or the doc--just write that she had the pox when she did.  No problem so far.   Hope to see you soon, and thanks again!!!
Ooooh!!!  Exciting!  If your pediatrician is like ours, she won't want you to come in.   Please let us know when you're able to have folks over, and if you need us to bring anything.  PM me if you don't want to post your address and all on here.  THANK YOU Bygones75!
Get it while you can!   No good time to have it.  And it is HARD to find.  Don't pass it up!  Good luck!
Please spread the word!   Thursday 4/12 6:30pm at The First Presbyterian Church of Philipstown 10 Academy St Cold Spring NY 10516 Free to all, babies and children welcome with optional childcare provided   A panel including OB-GYNS, midwives (hospital and homebirth), birth professionals and birth activists and a mother who birthed at home unassisted will answer audience questions.   Please spread the word to all planning or expectant families.   Birth...
Eek--that's pretty much enough to scare me off!  Thank you lovebeingamomma!
I have worked with chickens on farms (where I grew veggies) for over a decade.  But I have never been in charge of the girls myself.   Now I am going to do some farm projects for a preschool started by a friend.   Advice on design for a chicken house or tractor? Breeds? Any other advice?   Thanks!!!    
Hi mamas.   I am likely to have surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse soon.  So I figure, since we're done having kids, that I may as well get my tubes tied while the doc is in there anyway.   Doc tells me the procedure is now small titanium plugs that then get grown over.   Has anyone btdt?  Heard any stories, good or bad?  I need to do some research but figured I'd start here.   Thanks!
Mrs Rockstar, what town?  Probably too far for us but you never know.  Thanks!  And I hope your kids are comfortable.  
New Posts  All Forums: