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Thanks!  I believe the incubation period is 10-21 days...
Thank Taryn!  Please keep us posted on your daughter.  We're 2 hours away so I don't want to come if she doesn't has pox.  But we, or someone from our community (lots of folks hoping for pox) will probably come on over.   Thanks again!
Are you willing to have folks over?
Looks like pox to me!!!  Are you willing to have people over? 
I still nurse my 21 month old in public.  Never really occurred to me not to.  I often forget he's not still a baby (except that he's running around raising hell, or course.)   It usually doesn't last long since he's so distractable.   In general I like it when people notice, to help the cause.  I foget that it is weird to anyone to nurse a toddler.  It should be normal, and it is in much of the world!  I am fortunate that he does not tend to expose my boob to...
Thank Sweetmilo--we'll be waiting too!  Where are you geographically?
We never did full-on EC, but since 6 months old ds would go on the potty at least half the time.  At around 13 months he would sit himself on the potty every morning to poop.   I didn't notice that it was waning at first.  But now (along with his "NO" answers to everything else), he refuses the potty completely.  Anytime I try to sit him on it or hold him over I get The Dreaded Back Arch.   For the time being I don't try to take him at all, though I will point...
http://www.equalexchange.coop/equal-exchange-fundraising   Organic, fair-trade consumables that won't sit around collecting dust.  Everyone loves good coffee/tea/chocolate!  We did this last fall (=pre-holiday) for my kids' preschool and made a lot with little effort.    Equal Exchange is a fabulous company that was founded to show that a company can make a profit while using fair trade and sustainable business practices.
Anyone hear of anything?  We're in NY's lower Hudson Valley.  Will travel!
Thanks guys.  I am trying for something general rather than temporary...thinking a spritz bottle with eo to spray on rugs, curtains etc.  It's just so nice when you walk into a home and it smells nice.  Not perfumy nasty candle-y, but fresh and welcoming.  I'm thinking peppermint oil in a spritzer for starters.  I got the idea using dr bronners pepp castor oil soap to mop the floors.    Will let you know if it works if I ever get around to it!  
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