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...without candles/insence?  Any tips on how to use essential oils?  I want my house to smell good!
  A good friend is starting a school in the Hudson Valley! Maria Stein Marrison has taught my kids Spanish for a few years now. She is an incredible educator who combines music, art, movement, and nature into teaching. Her mother runs a prestigious bilingual school in Panama, which she founded when Maria was a young girl. I am so excited to learn more about this. Please share this with anyone who may be interested. Maria's contact info is below for those who...
Hudson Valley NY person here looking too---will travel for pox!  
Anyone crunchy moms  out there?  Any input at all?  There's a small chance we may relocate there...
Thanks guys.  He has been sick all this time so I'm hoping that is related.  I am mostly sponge-bathing him.  But he does just have to endure being in the bath a few times a week.  I feel awful about it.   May seek an awesome bath toy.  I just totally competely lack the will or energy to strip down and climb in with him at the end of the day.  I am also bathing and preparing the 5yo for bed at that time.  Just cannot consider getting in the bath.  You are a better...
Thanks.  It's during the day so I could try the crunchy snack thing.  It is already decreasing though.  So I'm hoping it is just something he realized he could do and is experimenting with, and will move on.   Thanks for the help!
I think rentals are not easy to find but they do exist.  Houlihan Lawrence is a big realtor around here who might help you locate something.  Yes, it's on the metro North.  Methinks it's 70 minutes to Grand Central.
I live in Cold Spring, 20-30 minutes from those towns.  So I can't help too much.  But I know a few things.   Carmel is a neat little town center, surrounded by strip malls and ruralish areas.  Brewster is the same, but with a latin immigrant population as well (or at least that's how it was 10 years ago when I lived nearby for a while.)  I'm pretty sure there is an attachment parenting group in the Carmel area, though I didn't find them with a quick internet...
Oh yeah I forgot to whine about the awful tightener.  Is it really that difficult to make it easy to work?  All the other brands manage somehow!   Good to know the adjuster works.  I may have to get one even though I hate to spend on a carseat that's so annoying...   Yeah, and ff is a million years away now with the new recommendations and all the statistics and what not.  Sigh.
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