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-- Clarification: my post about the original topic of getting blackish threads in clear mucus from coughing/ blowing nose, whereas the reply just before mine sounds like a different situation.--- I have had the same experience for a couple years-- however I have become quite sick from it. Somehow I contracted toxic mold from my old condo, I developed consistently sore throat, painful breathing, and extreme fatigue and no appetite (I lost 40 lbs in two months!) My...
I will have my BA in anthropology in May (2009), but I am considering midwifery. I do not have a nursing degree, but after researching the differences between entry-level and nurse midwifery, I think I would prefer becoming a nurse midwife. Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems easier to practice through out the country if a midwife is a registered CNM. What I would like to know (and can't seem to find by searching the internet) is a school that provides a program that...
I totally agree! Better for the planet, better for the babies, and better for the sanity of all when the conventional 'potty training' age comes around!
: and a magnet! :P Love magnets.
I've been planning to do my own prenatal care and UC (freebirth, etc) for years now. Just need the baby I suppose. :P
Mine is just my actual name. Yeah.... not quite as creative as To-Fu--- love that name by the way!
Hi everyone, here is the official press release to spread the word: __________________________________________________ __________ Dear Friends, As you may be aware, midwifery is under attack in Iowa. Midwives in our state face criminal investigation and prosecution for practicing medicine without a license — a felony charge that carries a sentence of up to five years in prison. Many of you are familiar with Melanie Moore, a Certified Professional Midwife and...
Hey everyone-- if you are in the Eastern Iowa area and would like to participate in the national AppleBee's Nurse-in on Sept 8th at 12pm please let me know. Right now I am just looking to see who is interested, there is an AppleBee's in Cedar Rapids and in Coralville. For more information on why there is a national Nurse-In at Applebee's please click here. To surf over to the yahoo group page for the nurse-in please click here. Thank you- Aradia Paganus
Quote: Originally Posted by ASusan Are you breastfeeding? Can you squirt some milk on it? This is recommended for eye infections. It can't hurt... Excellent Idea!!! And to the OP-- if you find out what works/ what was causing it please let us know.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2boyzmama Also, he's fascinated by his nipples, will rub them for comfort, or just pinch them absentmindedly...so by her logic I should have his nipples cut off, right? Afterall, they're just an unnecessary piece of skin...no biological purpose, and it embarasses me when he plays with them, especially in public. Yeah... and those little babies who play with their toes... off with them too! (I heard that could prevent...
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